So I did it - I'm about to be a Pale Magenta Owner!!

  1. Well, as some of you may know, I've been agonizing for months now over whether or not to get something in the Pale Magenta. I had originally waitlisted for a City right after the swatches were posted in October. But then, after seeing some of the "sneak peek" photos posted by other TPFer's that came from SA's, trunk shows, etc. I felt that the color was definitely not for me and declined when BalNY called to say that my bag had arrived. Then as the bags started arriving there were such beautiful photos being posted - ShoeLover's, jo_ee's, Deana's, brunettetiger's, & many others - I started to think maybe I did need this color in my life, and began further agonzing: city, work, twiggy, RH, SGH??? Well, I'm still not 100% sure that it will be a keeper but I just now ordered a twiggy from AR!


    I'm excited to see what it will look like IRL!! Before I faxed in my order form I spoke with a really sweet SA over the phone who said that the bags are actually less veiny and much more satuarated IRL, and that they have a stronger purple undertone than the photo shows. So maybe it will be a keeper...but I'm still thinking that a work would be amazing, too :push:!! I'll post photos as soon as she gets here!!
  2. Congrats! I bought the pale magenta PT w/GGH and I love it!!!! Can't wait to see pictures.
  3. I think you'll love it! I can't wait to see pictures!
  4. CONGRATS~ I am loving mine more everyday-the color is very wearable! Post some pics when she arrives!!
  5. Congrats, I'm sure you'll love pale magenta, it's a sweet yet vibrant color!
  6. Congrats.:yahoo: You will love it.:yes:
  7. congratulations! i know how you feel, im waiting for my day in magenta too-hopefully i can get it by end of next week! i have be agonising over it and i finally took the plunge and bought it!!
  8. Congrats... Can't wait to see pics....
  9. Cute cute!! cOngrats.. post pics when she arrives~!
  10. I think you made a great decision in buying a pale magenta bag, the color looks wearable and with a little moisturizing love, it could be gorgeous should the bag come to you with thirsty leather. I'm in love with the color of the 08 magenta. Have you ever had a twiggy? I only ask because it's a very small bag and I found myself unable to use it so I opted for the City, now even the City is too small and I find myself wanting the Work for more room. Do you plan on using the bag for everyday or only on the weekend?
  11. :tup:ooohh, congrats can't wait to see your pics...:yes:
  12. Thanks to everyone for your responses!! I'm getting really excited - it should be here next week but that seems like forever!!

    amiekbs8 - I am a little concerned about the size, too, as I also find the City way too small as an everyday bag. I definitely plan on using this more as a going out to lunch/dinner kind of a bag. I was really, really torn as to whether I should get a twiggy or a work in the magenta but there is just something about the shape of the twiggy that has made me completely fall in love with the style and this will be my first one!! I am still a little torn, though - I'm hoping I'll know for sure once I see it IRL. Also, if I'm lucky enough to get one with nice leather that might help make the decision for me!
  13. I was worried about the size of the City too, but I discovered that my stuff fits just fine. I think that the Magenta is just lovely. Please post pics when you get it!
  14. CONGRATS!!! I cannnot wait to see your picture.
  15. ohhh... Congrats!! It would surely look great on a Twiggy..