So I did a little LV shopping today.....

  1. Ok I actually mean a lot of shopping :lol: I was hoping to pick up the Dentelle Kirsten but my store says they aren't getting it until the 15th not too worry this lots will keep me going

    Oh I've added some info to the Spring Summer summary that people asked me about
    IMAGE_00180.jpg IMAGE_00181.jpg
  2. OMG... show us!
  3. Here is some more pics.....

    MC Shirley I have wanted this bag forever
    LVoe Bandeau
    IMAGE_00182.jpg IMAGE_00186.jpg IMAGE_00187.jpg IMAGE_00188.jpg
  4. I LOVE those shoes and I want the mens s/s catalog SO bad!
  5. Still coming......

    Pomme 4 key holder to replace my broken Gucci one mentioned in thread OK Gucci that's it
    IMAGE_00189.jpg IMAGE_00190.jpg
  6. i need the MC Shirley, so cute
  7. More...

    Riveting Pochette I saw the bag too but liked the pochette better
    IMAGE_00191.jpg IMAGE_00192.jpg IMAGE_00193.jpg
  8. OHHHHH!!! Congrats on all the goodies!! And you got the Dentelle pochette wallet:nuts:!! I wanna see it IRL so bad!!!
  9. Congrats! keychain holder is darling! Love the color! :yes:
  10. Few more....

    Trainers are my BFs they are the blue version so hot I am beginning to think he has an LV shoe fetish!

    Icons book if a gift for one of his staff for job well done
    IMAGE_00194.jpg IMAGE_00195.jpg IMAGE_00196.jpg
  11. Loves them, I love the shirley. So is the mens S/S catalogue new in at the store ??...did they have lots left ?. Im gunna have to pick one up
  12. Congratulations.
  13. I love your new purchases, congrats!!
  14. Finally....DRUM ROLL please......

    Dentelle Purse/wallet it is SSSSOOO pretty I was always in 2 minds for the pics but in real life it is amazing I love it this is my fist LV purse/wallet
    IMAGE_00183.jpg IMAGE_00184.jpg IMAGE_00185.jpg
  15. Congrats, love the Shirley!