so i decided to be impulsive and now....

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  1. maybe i shouldn't be saying this in the louis vuitton section of the forum but i have never, EVER been a huge fan a louis....always thought of it as cliche and a canal street attraction for fakes ( to the dislike of my loyal louis loving friends). however, the damier azur line, especially in the speedy has had my eye since it's release. i know that the azur speedy 30 has been somewhat hard to get due to it's popularity, so today at work i was a little bored and decided to look it up on was there. i was going to go thru ****** and order it and then i had another ever so fabulous idea..."i want it now." so i called the louis boutique in soho (closest to my work) and asked if they had it.....they did. so instead of eating on my lunch break, i walked an almost 2 mile round trip, bought the damier azur speedy, paid about $80 more than i would have online cuz i had ants in my pants, and went back to work. first i was excited, then i was iffy, and then finally it hit me.....buyers remorse....oy!:cursing:

    now after the massive guilt trip that was put on me by my mother for buying an extravagant purse, that is not only not leather, but white in color, (i always get white dirty, ALWAYS)........and then i thought about my beautiful handle which will inevitably oxidize and get all pantina or pathina or w/e the proper term is, and now i feel like i went over my head.....about several yards over. so then i thought ok, i'll return i looked at my recepit.... "exchange or store credit within 14 days." ouch. soooo what should i do b/c now i'm afraid to wear it, because i'm afraid to ruin it, and is it durable? and is there any ANY way to keep the handles from turning? scotch gaurd maybe? oy i dunno.........any advice on what to do?

    wow sory about the epic saga i just wrote u guys:smash:

    oh and whats up w/ the made in usa? the sa siad all speedys are like that now....hmmmm
  2. well- sounds to me like there are way too many doubts for this bag and I'd return it..... if you feel the need for it again at least you know what it was like IRL....

    in my experience with Azur it's very durable and can stand (my) denim which is medium to light in color and still no denim transfer.....

    I loved it and was freaked out about the white but after a while..... nah--- it can hold it's own in terms of durability and's canvas and same material as Mono canvas.

    As for the handles... that's a process that can be helped by babying it and not using your oily sweaty hands all the time or can be hurt by doing the above. I always placed the bag in the crook of my arm b/c I was frightened by the extremely light vachetta all new bags have.....

    that's all JMO.
  3. but i can't return only....or store credit....and theeres really no other bags i like........i do love the bag, but i dunno........i feel i was too i'm like a whiny little girl lol
  4. What do you think about the Saleya PM?

  5. eh my friend has doesnt really do much for me..........i'm telling u i'm not a louis kinda girl....i dunno what got into me lol
  6. that doesn't sound right. you should be able to get a refund within 14 days as long as the merchandise is saleable as far as i know.

    what about the regular damier? those have worry free handles.
  7. i own the azur speedy 30 and absolutely in love with it! it's durable and does not get dirty easily. the coated canvas makes dirt easy to wipe off. i say keep this awesome bag. if you're feeling doubts, exchange it for something else. perhaps the damier ebene speedy?
  8. If you don't want the handles to darken, apply some "For Handles Only" from lovinmybags - other tpf-ers have more experience with this company than I, but the company has a good reputation for services and products. I have treated all the vachetta on my newer LVs that have not yet darkened. But I do not give any one of them heavy use, so I don't have a critique of the product for you yet.

    I think the link is, but I don't have the info at my fingertips right now...
  9. nope i'm looking at it now.....return for store credit or exchange........yeah i think i might keep it........but what about the handles? can i put ANYTHING on it to protect them somewhat............oh and is the bag susseptable to ripping or the canvas tearing?........and about the regular friend had it, it's eh to me.....the white really struck me on the azur.....i thought it would be a great summer/early fall purse for this yr and possibly next......i guess maybe i'm conparing it too much to ym beloved pucci (which is a totally diff look )
  10. sorry to hear! return it right away, they should be able to do a refund
  11. boo that's no good that you can't get a refund :sad:. the only thing i can think of as far as the handles, is to wrap scarves around them? (i like the look that some lovely hermes ladies do to decorate their birkins/kellys)
  12. I think your bag should be ok. I have the same bag and once the handles start to turn a bit honey-ish (sorry but it's inevitable) they're not so delicate anymore. Also gently wiping them with baby wipes keeps them clean. The canvas is easy to clean in the same way. Keep it! If you liked it, there must have been a reason.
  13. There is definitely a reason that you wanted the bag in the first place, and something drew you to it. I would definitely keep it and love it and wear it proudly. Even though Louis is not "your brand" you can still proudly carry a bag that you love. Don't worry about the handles and just have fun!!!
  14. it is a beautiful purse, maybe you should give it a few days and see how you feel then. The canvas is VERY durable, a lot of the time moreso than leather. Unless subjected to extreme conditions it shouldnt tear or break. Because the canvas is coated it is easy to keep clean and any marks will just wipe off.
    You can spray the leather with a leather protector to protect it from rain a bit, a lot of people here use wilsons, shining monkey or apple guard. I believe there is a FAQ about it somewhere on here... Try and carry it in the crook of your arm more, then it wont be in contact with oils/sweat from hands which will keep it cleaner. Eventually it will turn darker but if you look after it it will turn an even honey colour, not the yucky black around the handles you see sometimes.
  15. I use appleguard on my handles and trim. They're fine. The bag will wipe off easily. You can return the bag within 14 days...all receipts say store credit or exchange. Good luck with your decision!