So i complimented someone on her bag today..

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  1. and this woman looked so annoyed!!!
    I was working and saw this woman with a GORGEOUS trouville (now i want one!) and she had marron pastilles hanging on it..GORGEOUS!
    My boss told me to come to the counter because she had a lv wallet as well :p (my boss knows i'm crazy about lv)
    I tried to not say anything but i just said it : you have a beautiful bag
    she answerd: thank you but with a annoyed tone and she didn't looked really happy
    so yeah, my first and last compliment!

    Do you guys compliment people with lv's or just stare at them and say nothing (like i used to do and will do in the future :p)
  2. Sometimes when I'm at work I tell some women that I like their bags and they seem to get a little aggitated. My only theory is that I'm serving them and maybe they think that I'm not good enough to even know what LV is? I don't know. I can't think of any other reasons why they would have an attitude.
  3. I complimented a lady one time who was carrying a Noisette Roxbury and she looked at me like I was bothering her! Shees...I wanted to take back my compliment!

    Anytime someone compliments me with my LV, I feel so good! I don't know what's wrong with people who can't accept compliments!
  4. I have gotten that same reaction a few times! Maybe they're just having an off-day or are preoccupied, but now I'm too shy to compliment someone's bag hehe
  5. yes I do compliment people. THe last one was to a woman standing in line in front of me at Starbucks. She had the ecru leather rivetting bag. She smiled and said thank you. I've never met anyone who doesn't like compliments (so far...)
  6. Well only bags I have seen in my small town are blatently fake LV's w/ the 7 color multicolors or the brown monogram bags that you can tell are plastic and not leather. So I've never had the chance to tell someone nice bag you have there when they carry an LV. I would give it a shot too but if I got the reaction you did I think I would also be more picky on saying it again heh. I'm just so shy anyways it takes me alot of courage just to say anything to a stranger.
  7. i was thinking that too! i work in a shoe store, am 19 years old so maybe i dind't look like i could afford it or anything? and i did sounded a little too excited but jeez the bag was gorgeous!
    i love compliments about my bag, unless they ask me if it is fake and what the price is :p
  8. wow why wouldn't anyone like a compliment on their bag? i would, unless they're foaming at the mouth for it haha.

    i've gotten compliments and i always smile and say thank you.
  9. the girl at the subway sandwich place always fawns over my bags, i try to play it down, to be modest...but she is so sweet and genuine.

    but i never act annoyed
  10. The first time I saw an Azur saleya, I seriously was gawking at the lady and her fab bag. She gave me this weird look at first until I told her that I loved her Azur :biggrin: She gave me a knowing smile afterwards... Like she understood my LV adoration
  11. On my birthday in May I treated myself to a spa package and I was getting my nails done.It was a lady that had a Denim Cabas Raye GM.It was like I was star struck or something.My DH was just shaking his head.She opened it up and she had a green Groome zip around wallet.Then she opened it up again and she had a Wapity.Everything she pulled out damn near was LV it was so much I can't really remember.The more I seen I got excited,lol.She just kept saying she didn't know what was in her bag and how she's a pack rat.I think the more I talked about it she probably would of gotten annoyed.

    I don't see too may real ones out here so when I do see a real one I am amazed.I complimented someone one day in the store that had a Mono Alma and she was like um okay thanks.

    I couldn't help it with the Denim.My husband was asking me afterwards "what were you over there saying to that woman"?Lol it was too funny.
  12. I don't compliment anyone but my sister. She has great taste. Besides, I have only seen a few ladies with real LV.
  13. The only time my mom looked annoyed was when this girl who works in the bank my mom goes to told her that she wishes she was HER mom and that my mom could fund the girl's college education with all the bags she has. That was a little uncalled for, especially because it was said LOUDLY in the quiet bank. :push:

    But in your case, I'm surprised she actually looked annoyed at your comment, that's kind of rude.
    Anyway if I see someone with a bag I like I do compliment them.
  14. This thread is so interesting. We could do an exposé on these incidents! I have given comps to strangers and have always been met with a pleasant response. I am trying to figure out why...and perhaps it is because we are on even playing fields at the time--both carrying LV and both shopping, at the hair salon, etc. I bet if I were at my desk and my LV were no where in sight and I gave a visitor a comp on her LV perhaps I would not be met with such delight. (But what am I saying, my LV is always sitting right near me in plain view!)
  15. I have never spoken to anyone i have seen with a Lv,
    I just stare ! LOL!