so I can't afford a LV..

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  1. I don't want to go fake. I know excatly where to get one though. So does anyone know of a good look alike? Not a fake but look-a-like. I pretty much love the shape and color of the speedy 35 damier.

  2. Save up for one. You´ll see it´s totally worth it.
  3. ^^^ :yes: save! no fakes or look alikes!!!
  4. try eBay for a good used speedy.
  5. buy a great preowned one on ebay-the fakes are almost as much as the real thing and your heart will swell w/pride that you did not take the walk of fake shame-even a look alike is not the real deal!
  6. I would do ebay, but I'd rather get something new unless I can buy it in person. With ebay I could get anything. Plus,how would I know if its real being a loui virgin and all? I mean I could run it past yall but...

    What if yall wrong and I'd end up with a 300 dollar fake?
  7. If you like the shape of the speedy Gucci has a bag in that style, I think it's called the Boston and it goes on sale.
    I would save up for one. You can always buy a small key chain or bag charm for an instant satisfaction.
  8. Once you find the bag that you want on ebay, post the pictures or link here:

    There are a lot of "experts" on this forum who would be glad to help you find your authentic bag. Please don't waste your money on a fake or "look-alike". You can find a really good "pre-loved" Speedy on Ebay for around $400. Happy Hunting!! :smile:
  9. no fakes,, get the real thing.. ;)
  10. there is an authentication thread, where the girls and guys would help you sift through the stuff on ebay. just follow the rules of the thread.
  11. Save and buy from the store. It's a wonderful experience! Or try ebay and have it authenticated here.
  12. you could aldo buy from or or one of the other sites. There is a thread on here about all the valid resellers. They are much less expensive and always authentic. Don't buy a fake!
  13. SAVE UP FOR THE REAL DEAL! It's totally worth it. I bought my first LV, a Speedy Damier Ebene 30 off a legit consignment eBayer.

    If you choose to buy from eBay, run it by the Authentication thread in this LV forum - the people here are good. If you're still worried, I would buy from a seller with excellent feedback, possibly a TPFer, and a good return policy. If they have a return policy, then you can take the item to the LV store to have it "authenticated," but IMO, people here on the board are even better than some LV SAs out there.

    If you're not comfortable buying from eBay, there are other avenues, such as consignment stores online or brick-and-mortar consignment shops.
  14. Ya'll are so helpful. I'm going to start saving up my pennies. (literally) Wonder how long it will take me to get to $700 ?
    So I guess the LV Damier Azur is going on the wish list.
    After that the Miu Mui Bow Satchel. I'm glad that's more expensive cause I need time not only to save but to choose a color.

    Thanks LV lovers.