So I called Hermes Sloane Street....

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  1. and just wanted to find out closing times for today, a really lovely lady answered and asked if I was looking for something in particular? I said I would like to take a look at maybe a black, Rouge H 35cm Togo Kelly (many, many thanks to the TPF people on here for their tips/correct name terms etc!!:tup:)

    She then said that although they do not have any in stock (Nice way of saying - who are you?) I was welcome to come to the store and have a meeting and discuss leathers, she will show me the list of stock due in and if I liked any on the list.

    Well ,my heart was beating so fast and she put me at ease, I am going in to the store on Monday to have a look and see what colours etc suit my colouring and lifestyle!Lol!!:yahoo:
  2. good luck and let us know what happens! :biggrin:
  3. very nice!! Good luck! I am sure you will have a lovely time. That kelly will be here before you know it, so be ready!!!
  4. Good luck! Excited for you :smile:
  5. Good luck Sammyjoe. :smile: I hope you get your Kelly.
  6. Wow, good luck! That is so great! I hope to go to Hermes Sloane Street too next week or the week after that to have somebody look at my Martine as the shoulder strap is falling apart. And yep, I would like to "inquire about obtaining" a Kelly too! :yes: So let us know ho it goes!
  7. H can be so much more accessible than people give it credit for.

    My prediction is you go, are slightly overwhelmed at first by the smell of history and leathers that inspire; elegant ambience, then a very helpful and sweet SA shows you around and you are hooked for life.

    Go expecting to make a friend, see a bag (maybe yours, maybe points you in the right direction to find yours), and discover a brand like no other.

    I'm excited for you! ;)
  8. Hi I didnt get a chance to go, I am on hols until monday, so will go on Sat and breathe it all in.

    I must say, I have been to Hermes in Harrods before, the staff were friendly, I just asked about the Clic Bangle, only when I looked at this section did I realise just how well made the bags are.

    I have a few things to - find lead, upload pics of chanel bag, different watches and then the first item I get from Hermes - shout it from the rooftops!

    Personally I think I am going to get a belt first- black and gold with PH Hardware - will post pics!!
    Thanks everyone for the kind comments!
  9. Thats an excellent start!!
  10. I am sure she was not being rude when she told you they don't have anything in stock. After all, they only opened the shop a few weeks (maybe 1 month already?) ago so I wouldn't expect them to have anything there and then. I am actually they managed to make the move so smoothly; though I must admit the 1 or 2 weeks they were closed I almost died; this may sound sad but I walk past the shop every day just to see what's in store. I've been doing this for like 2 years and I've only seen 1 green kelly and 1 gold birkin (possibly a sac, sorry I am no expert) there. So anyway, GOOD LUCK on your search for your first kelly, you will love the experience!!
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