So I called about the Green Signature Stripe

  1. this morning and as of right now it's a no-go.

    The description that Gene said last night could be "pear" was actually for Parchment. So no go, as of right now.

    I am still holding out hope though...why would they do a scarf in this color and punch? KWIM? :shrugs:

    So if you like the Parchment color (which rocks by the way!) it will be back in stock at the end of February. Oooh maybe a mini skinny is coimg too?

    Here's my parchment collection:

  2. aww sorry to hear that! pear would be awesome! I really like how the tote feels, and the pear color would have enticed me to get it!
  3. krispin41 - Gorgeous collection!!
  4. Shucks! I LOVE the green!
  5. thanks for passing on the I love your collection
  6. Thats so weird, I wonder why they offered it to me on the phone then?
  7. Oh poo......:crybaby:......was looking forward to a wrislet or something....
  8. i love your collection krispin!

    and yeah, i was disappointed when i did the floorset there was no surprise pear bags...i saw the scarf a week before b/c they arrived before the bags..ours actually arrived the day of so :wondering it was pretty hectic.

    i am still hoping wise they've really been pushing green..and of course primary colors. maybe coach will jump on board but i've yet to see a green like that...we had light green signature last year though....who knows.
  9. krispin41 - Your collection is beautiful. How do you like the tote? I was thinking about getting one in that style. How does it fit on your shoulder? A friend of mine bought one in blue but returned it before I had a chance to try it on
  10. I love the tote! It's a great size (it's the larger one). The smaller one was a bit small for me. I am using this mainly for travel though.
  11. Does the tote fit well over your shoulder? Thanks!
  12. This may be off topic a bit but I was looking through some pictures in Coach the other day & they had a signature stripe bag w/ different colored signature stripe accessories inside. Like a crimson tote w/ a vermillion wallet & pink mini. Do you all think it is better to match the colors or mix them up?

    I'm just asking bc I already own a sig stripe tote from last season but am also liking some of the new colors coming out but the idea of mixing the colors worries me...
  13. Wonder if we start writing Coach and emailing them about making a green signature stripe tote, if they will? I'd love a tote with that shade of green on it!

    yhassan: I think mixing colors would be gorgeous with the right colors! Like how awesome would the punch accessories look with a pear stiped bag? heehee!!!
  14. See I have the vermillion so I don't really think any of the new colors would go great with it, but I love them all!
  15. Ms Whitney, I sooo see what you are saying with all the push for green and the primary colors. I'm seeing green everywhere these days. Loving it. I'm not a yellow person, but that could be fun too.

    Yhassan -- I am not a mixer, most of the time, although with my Parchment goodies they could really go with any of the colors. Vermillion would be a little tougher to match, but it might look really cool with the gold they had.

    Pomlit, yes this bag fits onto my shoulder comfortably. The smaller one does fit, but not as well.

    I'm still wishing and hoping for a green though. LOL.

    I'm also dying for the Carly with the "Angora"'s just like the Parchment IMO.