So I called 866 today for some info on...

  1. The men's f/w tee shirts with the damier key case and hardsided luggage on them... that are on the runway... here is how it went to down

    Me: Yeah I am interested in the tee shirts from the mens f/w line with the luggage on it and the key holder...

    Dumber than a rock SA: um we dont carry anything like that...

    Me: Check into it..

    DTARSA: oh those... um those arn't out, but I will transfer you to an SA in the luggage department...

    Me: on hold... WTF! why the luggage, its clothing! how dumb is this person haha

    New SA: yeah those arn't out yet... what I can do is take your name and info and call you

    Me: Yeah I was just wondering if you had ANY info on them because IK they are not out yet... so I gave them my info CLEAR as day and kept repeating it... well she kept screwing it up so I just gave up!

    remind me not to call 866 any more lol

    if any one gets info on these, let me know ASAP. My brain hurts right now to call another store lol
  2. :roflmfao: sorry you didn't get very far, they really don't tell their SA's anything do they
  3. hahahaha. that must have been a *i want to kill somebody* conversation.
  4. So typical! It's only every once in awhile I get anyone who knows anything! V
  5. They were SO DUMB!!!! and then they wouldn't say anything back after I was done speaking and I had to keep saying " HELLO" ...
  6. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I hate when this happens!! Try going to the actual boutique rather than calling the vuitton hotline
  7. you have to be verry lucky to have 866 SA's spill out the beans my trick is talk real nice to them, hi how are you yadiyada but usually the are wrong they lie and they are clueless:upsidedown:
  8. Sucky.. I hope that doesn't deter you from getting one though !
  9. dtarsa!! rofl
  10. Yep, most SA's through 866 are really clueless!!! I always seem to get the ones that argue that something doesn't exist or isn't coming out. I hate that!!
  11. try miesha.. shes pretty good
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. Talk about dopey SAs...were they huffing paint thinner during their break?
  14. Hey Matt,
    do you have a SA at your local boutique that you use ALL the time?
    I don't have a problem trying to get info, b/c my SA actually makes calls for me and goes out of his way to get answers if he doesn't know.
    Maybe if you found a good SA you wouldn't get such a runaround on the phone. I personally find 50% of my phone calls to 1-866-V a waste of time.
  15. I'm sorry it happened that way...