So I broke down and bought my fiancee a Chanel Cambon bag!!!!!!

  1. Took a trip to Saks 5th Avenue today and ordered a black on white "pouchette" bag (not sure if I spelled it right).

    Originally I went in for the medium Tote bag but this was only $795 compared to $1275 for the tote. Plus I signed up for my Sak's charge and saved 10%!

    It is being shipped to my house next week so I can give it to my fiancee for her birthday!!!! I can't WAIT!

    This is a picture of what it looks like: (this is not my picture, I got it from eBay)

  2. What a great fiancee you are! Gorgeous bag. Your fiancee with love it!
  3. Thanks! I just hope its big enough. I liked how long the handles are so she can wear it over her shoulder
  4. What a nice bag! You have excellent taste and your fiancée is a lucky girl. :amuse:
  5. Dang, totally married the wrong guy. j/k. I think that was a great choice and your fiancee will love it.
  6. :amazed::shame:


    Thanks for the compliments girls
  7. Very nice, your fiancee will be very impressed!
  8. I hope so! I wonder how much she can fit in it. And I hope she wears it every day!!!
  9. Can I just tell you how cute that post was!!!! Aww!!!! :nuts:
  10. You're such a sweetie! She will be very pleased!
  11. :biggrin: I am cute :shame:
  12. How sweet. She's very lucky!:biggrin:
  13. that is so sweet, she'll love it!
  14. LOL! :lol:

    That was very sweet of you! :love: Your fiancee is a lucky girl, I hope she enjoys the bag!
  15. GOOD FIANCE!!! we are very proud of you!!
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