so i bought the bag dejour to use for school..

  1. [​IMG]

    it's the large bag dejour but i got it in chocolate brown, i bought it at a boutique. i'm going to be starting my 3rd year of college in nyc this fall, i live on long island so i am going to be commuting. i'm PRETTY sure it's big enough for books and to hold my stuff but does anyone else us this bag for this purpose? i'll take pictures now and post it here
  2. Congrats, it's a lovely bag! The only worry I would have it that with books in it, it might not keep it's shape? i.e. the base might not stay flat but instead push out? I'm not familiar with this bag, haven't seen it in real life, is there a hard base on the bottom and does it have metal feet?
  3. ^^ I agree but its a great bag, you can use it for everyday as well!! I love the style of this bag!!

  4. This is one of those cases where I'd be tempted to cut a piece of not too thick cardboard to line the bottom, just to keep it's shape.
  5. G the Bag is a great choice. I have one & I am thinking of taking it on vacation, because it holds a lot of things & looks great. Here is mine:

  6. oh i didn't think of that! that's a good idea thanks! :yes:
  7. that's another reason why i got the bag was to use on vacation and to use on the plane to hold my stuff
  8. I would go with some hard plastic (acrylic's best) though. It holds its shape better than cardboard which is weakest parallel to the direction of the ridges in the plies.

    If you use cardboard make sure you cut is so that when you put books in it the books are at right angles to the ridges in the ply/plies (i.e. the ridges run down the width).

    PS: Baglady, I love your bag, love the colour! You should start a thread with your bags, I bet you have a beautiful Fendi collection!
  9. Kavando...thanks for your kind words. I love this bag a lot, but its hard to carry any one bag more than a day or two when you are a Bag-Lady :graucho:! I love Fendilovers Blue Bag De Jour also, amazing piece....

    Lit was kind enough to put several of my spys on the Fendi spy bag list, I am afraid if I showed my collection it would looks more like a Fendi Boutique (but mostly neutral tones) than a person's collection..:busted I am a serious bag addict after all....:nuts:
  10. I think this is a great tip. I have a muse with a similar flat bottom as the bad dejour. I used it all the time last year to carry files to and from the office, and noticed that the bottom has started to bulge down a little from the weight. I would definitely recommend reinforcing the bottom.

    It's a gorgeous bag and will be perfect for the commute to/from the city!
  11. For :biguns: maximum strength :biguns: have 2 layers (if you're using cardboard). One with the ridges running along the length and one layer along the width.
  12. What's wrong with that? :p

    No such thing as too many bags... :graucho:
  13. congrats!!
  14. It's a great bag. I have the same one in dark blue leather. I would use it for school if thats why I purchased it. It's huge!!!
  15. Well that leather is gorgeous- you should all be proud of your collections!