So I bought an azur piece today

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  1. I got the key cles. Not sure if I like it... probably going to return it tomrorow for something else =[ What should I get? I wanted the damier pochette but they only had the display one available.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Bah I really like the cles though! I think it's a gorgeous little accessory. How about the azur mini pochette? Those are beautiful as well.
  4. the mini pochette doesn't hold anything =[ my brother is mailing me the azur pochette from HK as my xmas gift :heart:33 i thought that having the azur cles would be cute to match the pochette and since i already have a reg damier cles i could use it w/ my damier pochette that i want to get. i don't know what i want =[
  5. i like the cles...I'm going to buy one for myself before its run out..
  6. It's very beautiful, you should keep it! I love the Azur collection
  7. I like the cles, it's on my list.
  8. I really like the cles too. I love the Azur collection.
  9. love your vernis cles in the current red? the daimer pouchette would be hot so if you are not fussed on the azur cle go for the daimer pouchette...get what you love and will use...if you are iffy about the cles then it is not for you....good luck
  10. I agree.. u should definitely keep it!! :yes:
  11. i just like my vernis cles a lot more, yup it's the current red. I had to hunt for one w/o any color transfers or anything. It's way more vibrant than the pic. I guess I would probably do way better w/ a pochette. I love my vernis cles.
  12. I love your cles, you should keep it. I want to get Azur cles too soon. I think Azur cles looks so pretty hang on mono,epi,damier, vernis or azur..
  13. If you already have a cles, get the pochette. It's beautiful!!
  14. I love the Azur line, it's still rare enough that you don't see it everywhere.
  15. I really like the cles...but maybe a mini pochette would be better?