So I bought a non designer bag - need opinions!

  1. So a little while back I posted about looking for a school bag. What I didn't mention was that it would be my first non-designer bag in years. Someone suggested this one from Etsy:
    And so I bought it (I figured $18.00 shipped - if I don't like it, who cares? :yahoo: ). I just got it a few days ago and I plan on using it for school tomorrow. I put my books in it - and I think I really like it lol. I'm just not so sure about the style. I like it - I think it's funky - fun, punk, skull-chic. Do you think it goes? Or do you think it'll give off an odd impression...? I would only wear it to school - but...well, you know. Opinions are always nice - and I don't have any friends into bags :shrugs:. Ignore the smudges on the mirror - lol - I didn't even know they were there until I saw these pics! Haha

  2. It's a really cute bag!!!
  3. not really into the skull thing but its cute.
  4. I think it may be skull overload if I was to do that ;) haha
  5. I think it's super worth it for 18 bucks!
  6. I love skulls, but that bag looks a little too "Hot Topic" for me...
  7. I think it's a bit overkill, but it does have a coolish punk vibe to it.
  8. its fun, it does remind me of hot topic very much so, but its cute if thats your style! :smile:
  9. I think it's cute.
  10. Nice bag.. skulls aren't working for me but to each her own! :smile:
  11. It's a cute bag! I know skull are in for some people, especially the younger crowd, so I think it looks great on you! Don't worry about it being non-designer! Enjoy your bag! It's cute!!!
  12. It's not really my style - yet lol. I've been in a state of constant transformation, lol. I went from everything monogram Louis Vuitton, clean and preppy (which I still love - for sometimes, and mostly out of school). To loving the Coach hobo look with comfy casual looks. To black balenciaga city - and now - SKULLS! I like to change it up ;)

    The texture is actually kinda cool - not the way the stuck photo shoes. The skulls look sorta painted on - not so solid - and they blend red to black - so far away they could look like roses on a black print. I think that's what I like about it. I'm not gothic or punk lol.
  13. It's very cute and totally my style. Great find.
  14. I love it! I think it looks really cute and not hot topic-y because you aren't dressed hot topic-y. I liken it to the mcqueen skull scarves. Skulls aren't just for punks and goths these days.