So I bought a mini mac but it might turn out to be a MAC?

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  1. I need help. I went on a binge on ebay today. I bought this, a perforated supposedly "mini mac" thinking it was a mini mac, but looking at pics online, I'm starting to doubt it's a mini. She also gave the measurements of a mini mac but it doesn't seem to match those of the pics. Now, other people would think that this was a big deal from a mini to a mac, but I'm very particular about my bag sizes and I think a MAC is too big for me. I just like bringing my essentials. Anyways, the seller says this is a mini mac. I say it's mac.. So which is it?

    Did RM ever come out with this perforated design for a mini?

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    That looks like a MAC. There's 5 studs at the bottom. Mini mac only has 4. Also for this design I don't think there's a mini mac version.

    Mini mac has only one slip pocket at the back in the main compartment. This one has extra 2 slips in front to put phone and keys etc.

    Definitely a MAC! :smile:
  3. it's 100% a full size MAC
  4. Yep, just count the studs when in doubt.
  5. Agree. It looks like a MAC (full-sized). Maybe the seller just copy-pasted the dimensions from somewhere.
  6. I found this bag in a similar color. Not my auction!!
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    An update, I cancelled my order for the MAC and instead got a Mini Mac in Azure :biggrin:

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  8. Beautiful! :biggrin:
  9. Thank you! I can't wait to receive the Craig and this... I'm really looking forward to seeing it IRL, its supposed to be a peacock blue green :heart:

  10. It's gonna be awesome!! I have another mab mini tote in azure coming as well! I'm as excited as you :biggrin: buahaha
  11. Yes it will be! You're like my twin! We're attracted to the same colors and styles! :blush:
  12. BTW, Checking out your nail blog! Awesome!! :tup:

  13. Haha I just got my plum mab tote mini today! And I love the colour, so pretty!! Will update pics soon in another thread hehe

  14. Hahaha thanks :biggrin: I'm like trolling eBay at this moment XD
  15. Yes, I agree. The RM plum is one of the best shades of purple I've ever seen :woohoo:
    Hmm.. I wonder if it's the same shade for the Craig too? I kinda had a hard time deciding if I should get the Craig in plum or in Fern green since I have a mini mac in plum already...