So I bleached out the blue parts of my hair...

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  1. I posted a thread about a month ago about dying my hair blue. By now, it had washed out of my bangs and was fading everywhere else so I was left with slightly green light brown streaks in my dark auburn hair. I decided to bleach out the blue just to get a sort of fresh palette...but things went a little funny and all the bleached parts are different shades of ginger, and there is even one pink splotch! Its odd. Basically what I'm wondering is...what now?
    School starts in a little over a week and I'm not allowed any "unnatural colors" but I can get away with it if its subtle.
    So, any suggestions? I'm not afraid of anything, bleaching it, dying it darker, dying it red, whatever you think may look good. Here's some pictures of me:


    ^^ That's the color of most of my hair.


    ^^ This is months ago, so a different hair cut and color. But the same face! xDD

    I have a picture of what it looks now but I have to upload it from my phone so its going to take a little while, I'll post it when I have it :]
  2. you look like Katy Perry!!
  3. I say auburn! Just bc I think it would look good on you
  4. Ooh. I think this looks very nice! I don't know about the color - but to me it looks pretty natural ginger.

    I used to have the same problem - I used to have blue bangs and then they'd go a mouldy green. Luckily I have black hair so I'd just dye everything black haha.
  5. Go red!
  6. auburn highlights? or lighter golden highlights? i don't know but you look very pretty!
  7. maroonish red!
  8. Thanks guys...I'm really not sure what to do, my hair has been mostly auburn just in slightly different shades for the past couple years and I think I'm bored of it :/
  9. Here's a picture of my hair currently...obviously its a bit stupid looking, so I really want to do something before my ID picture for school is taken xD:
  10. I agree! I think it will look best.
  11. No unnatural colours... well.. hmmm.. What about jet black then?
  12. My natural color is black, and I just don't think it looks very good on me.
  13. Mahogany!
  14. I think Ashlee Simpson's hair color would look great on you

    or Lydia Hearst in this pic
  15. Oh wow, I really like both of those hair colors! ^^

    But I just dyed mine plain dark brown, because I want it to look normal in my school ID photo to be taken on Thursday. I had to dye it twice because the first time it barely covered the bleached parts!