So I bit the bullet on a ...

  1. STUNNING, vintage 32cm HAC in Natural colour. OMG! I can't believe how long I've been looking for the perfect vintage bag. I like rare, collector's items...this one looks to fit the bill:tup:!
    A HUGE thank you to all of you wonderful ladies who helped me in my recent HAC quest!
    Maybe the experts can help me figure out the year and such on this? I can post pics, if need's a V stamp with an Eclair zipper and no H at the end of the pull on the inside. And the material is Box Nepal? Does this sound right?
    The cornrs are scuffy but apparently they can be fixed- or so surmises my SA.
    I had to share, I am SO excited! A true Christmas miracle and the seller has been a DREAM!
  2. oh my gosh details!! what natural color??
  3. Congratulations. It must be beautiful. Please post pics.
  4. yay!!!!!!!!! let's see it?
  5. Here are the seller's pics, maybe someon who knows vintage better than I can tell me exactly what this bag is all about;)!
    I am of course going to post my own fabulous modelling shots when she arrives, he he he...

  6. :shocked: P, it's simply divine!!!:heart: SO GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to see it in person!:nuts::graucho: CONGRATULATIONS!!!:yahoo:
  7. I was eying that bag!
  8. It is very nice!! :tup::tup:
  9. CONGRATS!! I am so happy you got it, and I do hope that you love it. :heart: Beautiful, beautiful bag. I believe that it dates to 1992, so it is in amazing condition!!
  10. Oh- I am so glad you decided on that Style- Its awesome and wear her in good health. Happy Holidays!!:heart:
  11. Oh, my! She is gorgeous! Congratulations!
  12. Stylefly, Congrats!! :dothewave::dothewave: Wear it in good health!!
  13. BEAUTIFUL HAC and a wonderful choice!!!!!! You will LOVE it!!!!! Major Congratulations on a superb buy!!!!!!
  14. Congrats! She's in wonderful shape. Great buy...
  15. Well, if you ever want to lend it out.. contact me!! Fantastic Bag!! Congratulations!!!