SO & I are moving to Germany for 2-3 years. Does it mean I can't get (ro)

  1. VAT back when I purchase LV because I will be living there?

  2. If you will be living there, sad to say you aren't eligible to get VAT back:sad:
  3. But, it sounds exciting that you'll be living overseas for a couple of years. Just think of all the places you'll be able to visit in Europe. Go to the Paris store when you can!!!
  4. I *think* you could get VAT back if you purchase in other countries? I'm not exactly sure if the whole EU is on this as a whole though, or it's per country. Hope someone can confirm this! :yes:

    And I agree with peace, that sounds very exciting! I wish I could live in Europe too! All the wonderful places to see.. :girlsigh:
  5. I'm very excited about it, nervous too. I definitely am looking foward to all the travels I can do, and some shopping too, lol.
  6. New year, New life...sounds perfect:tender:
  7. Well it depends -- will your payroll/income be derived from German sources? If so, you are not eligble for the VAT -- but if you and your honey bunny are being paid through a US based company and are having your taxes removed for US purposes, then you are still eligble. Its more paperwork but you can get your LV tax free.

    I have a great friend who lives in NYC but works for a French company and is paid through French funds, so she gets everything tax free through some complicated procedure, however its always fun going shopping with her cause its like an instant 8.5% rebate!
  8. The upside is that the prices are slightly cheaper - it varies by item but LV can be usually anywhere from 5-10%. :yes:
  9. what country are you from? (I'm guessing UK if you're using the term VAT) If you are from anywhere within the EU, you cant claim tax back whether you're a resident or a traveller. But Euro prices are slightly cheaper than Pound Sterling
  10. Can't help with the VAT thing, but they just raised taxes in Germany from 16% to 19% :hysteric:I am german, so depending on where you are going to live I might be able to give you some info about where to shop...:graucho:
  11. Guten Morgen ;) Deelove82, do you know whether the 19 % VAT will affect on LV-prices right now? I was wondering since many shops say, they won't raise the price, no matter what's w/ the VAT...

    voodoodoll2005, may I ask where you're going to? Have a good time here in Germany :flowers:
  12. As of today, the VAT tax in Germany is 19% but many stores are "promising" not to raise their prices...Instead, they raised them back at the beginning of 2006 so nobody would really notice. Sneaky sneaky :push:

    Anyway...depending on what you will be doing in Germany you may or may not be able to receive a VAT refund. If you are with the military, I would ask your Commander about these things - they would be able to help! Also, the customs office in Germany is also a good place to ask!

    Where in Germany will you be moving? I live in Prichsenstadt, Germany - in the area from Wuerzburg and Kitzingen (Lower Frankonia - Unterfranken) in Bavaria :biggrin:
  13. I don't believe that it will effect prices right now, but I believe the world-wide price increase takes effect in February (I think I read that here somewhere???) and surely the 3% increase will be a part of that!! :crybaby:
  14. In France they have 19% VAT already, don't they? So I guess it would be a good idea to purchase LV in France since it might be cheaper there if they really raise the prices in Germany. I live close to the french border so that would make it easy....;)
  15. I lived in Giessen Germany as a teenager! I had a lot of fun! Good luck with your move!