So I am walking out of a store today....


Aug 6, 2006
It's always amazes me when people say obnoxious things out loud! It is just ignorance and jealosy so I'd probably just give them a dirty look or ignore it altogether. When my 4th son was a baby someone at the park sat down on the bench next to me (it was obvious the other three boys were with me)and said "You must have been so dissapointed". People are something!
Dec 7, 2006
Omg! I would have been so pissed!!!! I purchased the mono speedy 25 in March. I was in another store in the mall and a little girl came up with her mothers speedy and was so delighted that I had the same purse as her. It was so cute. I started talking with the mom and she knew mine was real and that I had just bought it cause the handles were still a light colour. Obviously she knew mine was real cause hers was real as well. I have gotten nothing but compliments on it. Those girls obviously dont know what a real LV looks like! I am sorry you had to deal with these stupid people, you know yours is real and that is all that matters!


Jul 5, 2006
I may have told someone once that they didn't recognize a real one because the only bags in their world were fakes. Sorry - I know that wasn't nice, but she got me on a really bad day. I usually ignore the comment.