So I am walking out of a store today....


Got a handle on it
Nov 2, 2006
Went Christmas shopping today and I was walking out of a store and 2 girls were behind me. I was carrying my (brand spankin new) speedy 25. I overheard one girl say to the other, "that is such a fake, I can tell". The other girl replies, "yeah I know.....blah blah blah". WTF??!!! I was SO tempted to turn around and defend my precious new bag but decided against it. I took it as a compliment that they noticed it. I guess maybe because the handles are so NEW that it doesn't look real to people who aren't familiar with LV? :confused1:
God, I hate that!!! I would have turned around and said, "what makes you think it's fake?" Then I would have tried to educated them on how to REALLY tell a fake bag!!!!!

I used to avoid confrontation at all costs, now, about my bags, lookout!!!!!
Sorry you had to put up with such rude people (as to actually say it within earshot of you). I would guess that you're right; they thought it was a fake since the handles are so light. Well you know it's the real deal! :smile:
Just for the heck of it....I would have said 'oh my God, do you really think this is a fake? I just spent $600 on it!' just to see what thier reaction is. I don't know....we have to come up with a good comeback that we can all use that's sort of to the point but sarcastic to shut people up. I'm not good at it!!
evil people! i actually was gonna start a thread on this too... today, since it was Friday, I decided to wear my pochette. this really snooty girl and her "crew" comes up to me and is like "yor bag is so fake!" "on a real pochette, there is supposed to be a bow on it!" "you fake is so ugly!" sorry to take over your thread! i was so pissed!.... i hate it when people do that! it pisses me off!
I would have gotten really offended.. maybe to the point where I may have said something not so nice!!! One time my brother and I were arguing and he's like YOUR BAGS ARE FAKE.. referring to my cerises pochette. That crossed the line.. and I yelled at him for a good 30 minutes with some nice curse words too. LOL.

Sorry to hear that BagLadie.. people can be so rude, especially when they are completely WRONG.