So, I am definitely not encouraging this but...

  1. Has anyone found that taking Claritin D has caused them a loss of appetite? I have lost about 8 pounds since taking the pills for the past 3 months. Again, not encouraging this, but has anyone else found this to be true? It DOES help my allergies, but also has given me dry mouth, loss of taste, and has been causing me to wake up constantly during the night (plus the loss of appetite).
  2. Since it's a decongestant, it could raise your blood pressure as well, decongestants aren't meant to be used on a daily basis, you should switch to regular Claritin as soon as you can.
  3. Yes, don't take it at night! The "D" will keep you up. I know from personal experience! Pretty much any decongestant, even OTC ones, give me that loss of appetite-drymouth-funny taste-hyped up feeling.
  4. ^^ OMG, I went through like two years of taking Zyrtec D to find out that's why I can't sleep. Just found that out this week! EEK! Now I take regular no D at night but I can't breathe. :sad: I have gone throuh every allergy med and Zyrtec D is the only one that works.

    It makes me not hungry for a few hours in the morning when I take it.
  5. Ugh, I know it's bad and I should stop taking the sudafed in the decongestant, but my allergies are soooo awful and it really does help me breathe, where I have found the regular Claritin does nothing for me.
  6. ^ You need to find some other method to help- ask your doctor about it. But you can not be hooked on those, and it really isn't good for you!
  7. It helped my allergies but it made me jittery for some reason.
  8. I take one Claritin-D 24 every morning and, as long as I take it before 10:00 a.m. I can sleep pretty well at night. I can't take the 12 hour pills twice a day because they will keep me up! I have severe allergies and I can't function without it. I agree - I think it helps with weight loss, too.
  9. Benadryl is good to take at night. It will clear you up and help you sleep. Makes you drowsy.