So I am considering my first inclusion piece

  1. next week (the blue Speedy keychain) is there anything I should know about the care of it? Pics to come of course when I get it!
  2. I don't really do anything special to take care of mine.. but then again, I use mine as a bag charm and not as an actual key ring.. Anywho.. once you buy one, you won't wanna stop!!! You're gonna want all the colors! :p

    Can't wait til see pics though! Congrats in advance!
  3. I have the blue one and use it as a bag charm. It's on my Speedy Azur. I'm not really cautious with it.
  4. I love the blue inclusions....only wish they made the barrette in blue....
  5. I think as long as you aren't scraping it against anything it should be fine. I think several people have dropped certain inclusion pieces and everything has been okay. They seem pretty durable.
  6. i like it alot! you should get it!
  7. Oooh can't wait then! I'll be using it as a bag charm.

    I wish Payday would come sooner!

  8. The blue inclusion would be sooooo pretty as a bracelet... too bad LV didn't make a bracelet version.
  9. can't wait to see the pics ...
  10. The blue is one of my favorites. I have all colors of the Speedy keyring which I use as bag charms and they hold up really well!
  11. My SA says that they're pretty durable, and they don't get any back from irate customers so that's a pretty good sign !
  12. They're very durable. I love the blue!!!
  13. I have an Inclusion bracelet, and I don't give it any special care either. My bracelet did come with a care booklet with some basic suggestions (keep it stored in the velvet pouch when not in use, avoid banging or scraping it against hard surfaces, etc), so I assume you would get the same info.
  14. hmm i dont have a keychain but i love my bracelets, i feel like the bracelets get scratched pretty easy...nothing serious...but still.
  15. They really aren't delicate, but you do still have to be careful. My Mom had a black speedy and it chipped. The girls at my store say that they should be used as bag accessories and NOT key chains.