So i am at the outlet now......

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  1. And I have in my lap a gold ikat Sabrina. I love the pattern but am not that fond of gold so I don't know how much I would use her. After discount she'd be about $200.

    I hate having such a hard time deciding. I am always in here at least an hour. Lol
  2. i love the look of that bag! i think the contrast between the cream background and the gold make it a little less flashy than i had expected... but if you aren't enamored with it, you can either take it home and see if you become more fond of it or leave it behind for the next coachie who will love it
  3. Impulse buy, don't do it! haha, I've done it so many times where when its a good deal, I can't pass it up, but then I get home and I'm like why the heck did I buy this? I don't even like the color! I would say definitely think on it unless you have a lot to match w/the gold... thats just IMHO... G/L! :biggrin:
  4. Leave her! I had the same problem with that bag. I love the look but hated the bright gold. She was a no no!!
  5. oh... if you're just getting there, then walk around with the ikat sabrina and see if anything else catches your eye before you make any final decision
  6. Totally agree with Coachgirl12! Impulse buys are so addicting! Maybe we should set up a thread for a 1-800-Direct Help while at the outlet to help with impulse buying! LOL!

  7. :yes: NEVER put any item down till you're sure you don't want it!!
  8. I'd buy it and think about it for a few days. So many times I've put something back only to decide a few days later that I want it. I go back and it's gone.
  9. I have been here for over an hour already lol. I got here when they opened and she was the first thing I grabbed! I got some time yet so I am carrying her around.

    I keep feeling people eye me though haha.
  10. Seems like an impulse buy to me too! I'd say put it back! Then again, I am not a fan of that one!

    Wait for something that you love!
  11. haha, I would get people following me too if I was holding a bag... don't keep her just because people are eyeing it, if you really don't like it, then I'd do away w/it... ebay is flooded with them, I'm sure you'd be able to find that bag even cheaper somewhere else down the road...
  12. Its a pretty bag...but "bold" ... if you're a gold person, it won't work for you.
  13. if your unsure then you really dont want her..I know the minute I see a bag if I really want it verses she is a popular bag other may covet.
  14. I vote no. Impulse buys typically aren't good.
  15. I wasn't sure on my silver Hailey either but I bought her anyway and LOVE her! Like I said I got time to walk around and decide! I can also watch for good returns lol