So...I actually got some excercise yesterday

  1. I went bike riding!! DH and I did approximately 4-5 miles and alot of it was up and downhill...which I hated!! But in the end its good for me. He was ahead of me the whole time.:rolleyes: I'm a little sore today, but mostly its my ass from sitting on that teeny hard seat! I told him I need one of those huuuge cushy ones and he said no! lol

    On a side note, some guy had a baby racoon on his was really cute, snuggling with him. :love:

    Anyhoo, just wanted to let you all know I finally got off my is everyone else doing?
  2. Good for you Danica! The make padding for bike cushions so the seat won't be so hard. If you have a bike shop in your city ck it out. You can probably Google bicycle seat cushion/padding and find some choices too.
  3. good for you!! i'm scared of going downhill on bikes, otherwise i'd do the same! raccoon!! how'd he get one as a pet tho?? aren't they wild?
  4. I was doing great but fell off track... yikes. Time to get back on!!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your bike ride!!
  5. That's my favorite kind of exercise -- when you get out in "nature" (or at least outside to see stuff like baby racoons!) I hate going up hill. Basically, the only exercise I can do that doesn't annoy me is fast walking...
  6. Thanks edsbgrl, I'll look into it! Maybe DH won't be so embarassed with that one :biggrin:
    Toiletduck, I didn't actually stop and talk to the guy with the racoon, other people were talking to him as I was riding SLOWLY by. haha (we were on a forest trail with lots of branches and quite frankly had I gone any faster I would have ended up in the water.) But it was so cute and little and he had it all cuddled on his shoulder.
    Megs, I've been off track until now...and we'll see how this goes, hopefully I stick with it, i really enjoy going bike riding, so as long as my ass doesn't hurt too bad!
  7. I like doing fast walking also! I like walking in general...except when I have to walk to get that's totally different. I also like being outside and doing things that are excercise cleverly disguised as fun!

    Dh and I plan to do alot of camping and hiking this summer, we'd also like to go kayaking, and I went wakeboarding last summer for the first time and loved it...all things fun and yet active.:yes:
  8. I have been focusing on my Pilates lately....waiting for my treadmill to come in. I am feeling better, so that makes it worth it.

    I love nature-type exercising, too! Visually stimulating along with the physical benefits. Good for you, Danica, getting out and getting moving!
  9. You two should try a tandem some time. You will never get dropped, as you are on the same bike. Makes it easier to talk, too. Some shops rent them...