So I actually did get my PCE card..

  1. Apparently they sent it home to my NY address instead of out here in Hawaii where I am for college. :nuts: Here's my question though, my mom mailed it out to me but using it in Hawaii means I'll be getting 25% of Hawaii prices..which are is it possible to somehow use it to get the discount off of the regular prices and have them ship it out here? I could always have them ship to NY but I don't want my parents seeing if I get a lot of things, they already think I have enough of a Coach problem. I wonder if I can call a mainland boutique and have them ship it here. Do you think that's possible? Any ideas would be appreciated.

    :heart:Happy shopping!
  2. i would give your parents a *hint*hint* that you miss seeing them, and just bare with the shock of you wanting to spend X amount on the PCE by reminding them that coach never has sales, so this is a great opportunity, one that your mom or dad can participate too, heck even their friends can! if that helps any.

    also, to calculate it differently, one of my selling points is just helping the customer see it differently, so if i were to explain it to your parents to help you, i'd calculate the savings and in turn you could think of it like getting a keyfob/wristlet, wallet, watch or even bag for free depending on how much you spend!

    :graucho: the more you spend the more you save. once this lady wanted only two bags, one for her and one for her friend, but was unsure about the third, for herself again. i calculated and it turns out that the third bag cost a bit less then the amount she saved!

    sold :smile:

    i say all that, esp. the first paragraph about visiting ;) because coach can't ship outside of US, includes alaska and hawaii, which is why hawaii, is at international price (not as high as Asia) because it's considered international territory.

    so your parents, if buying it for you, would have to ship to you

    and just something about Fedex, UPS and shipping companies in general that i don't trust.

    so if i were you it's better to pick it up on your visit home or vice versa, when your parents visit you
  3. a agree 100% with ms whitney!