So I absolutely love my new blake, but which one next?

  1. I was thinking of a black one, but not sure whether to get a different style, like the venetia, or maybe the elise, that's a nice one, argh!!! lol, which is your fav?
  2. Between those two I would choose the Elise. But have you looked at the Hudson? That is my favorite bag!
  3. Venetia
  4. Definitely the Venetia! Or the Stam... I just bought the Stam recently and absolutely adore it!!
  5. Yes, I think it's good to diversify so get something different this time! The Elise sits more upright/structured like your Blake, but the Venetia when not stuffed can get a more soft, collapsed look (at least mine does). I think Venetia is a little bigger too. Just more things to consider if you have preferences.

    Otherwise they are all beautiful (Hudson too!) - you can't go wrong!
  6. Venetia - it's my favorite!
  7. VenetiaWanter...I went throught his a few months ago..I bought a red blake and loved it so much I bought a tapioca blake soon after....However I sent the tapioca back....It killed me but I knew I didn't want another blake (at least not so soon..I still think about that beautiful bag!)...It was a good decision...I spend so much $$ than I should on bags...I'd rather expand my collection style wise before I go back and repeat in color! Although there are so many bags that I wish I DID have in different colors...I will not go into hock over my addiction lol!! I'm not a stam girl..that blake is about as heavy as I will go! I do like the venetia...but will most likely opt for a large multi pocket or capra as my next MJ purchase..Of course if I could find a brand new black stella I'd eat dirt for 6 months for that too....Let us know what you decide..and good luck! :heart: Emmy
  8. woo! i loved the multi-pocket too! ARGH, I think ill add both to my list and see which i can get cheaper :smile: Woop! :biggrin:
  9. does the multipocket come in differnet sizes? :S
  10. Yes there are the:

    Multipocket (9.5 x 9 x 5) and
    Large Multipocket (13 x 11 x 5)
  11. Venetia.
  12. I like the venetia.
  13. This is the order of how i obtained my soft-calf classics:
    1. Berry Stella
    2. Butter Blake
    3. Maroon Venetia

    Upcoming will be a large MP - sap green (if i can EVER find it again) or the new Navy *swoon*
  14. I have a Venetia, and I adore it.

    I would say it is my most favorite purse in my collection.

  15. How come we can never be satisfied with our bags? Especially our new ones? I got a new Multipocket 2 days ago and have a Sophia in the mail, but here I am already looking for my new one. I now want a Blake and a Stam. Oh and then something from the new sweet punk line. I also really like the Trishs. It's a never ending want cycle. :hrmm: Maybe you should get a Multipocket. They are great bags!