So how's Thanksgiving dinner taking shape?

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  1. I'm taking a break right now as I'm getting tired. I'm in pretty good shape with getting it together though.

    Last night I made the cornbread, baked the pumpkins, started the cranberries for the stuffing, made chicken stock/broth, and trimmed the green beans (also made Apple struedel and a walnut roll for a friend for my mini side business).

    This morning I cleared the chicken broth from the veggies and meat and stored those for later, made the pumpkin soup (just need to add the sour cream when reheating), made the cornbread stuffing (just need to put it in the oven) and this evening I'll make the desserts - apple pie, pumpkin pie, Trifle and Chocolate cranberry tart, oh, and homemade ice cream and get the dinner rolls going so that they can do their last rising in the refrigerator.

    The more I get done today, the less I have to do tomorrow (which will still be a lot!)!:lol:
  2. It's going good. We do potluck dinners, so I'm making a pumpkin pie, Drunken Sweet Potatoes (mashed sweet potatoes w/ a lot of kahlua and marshmallows - just like a dessert!), and of course, mashed potatoes. I've actually gotta go grocery shopping now. I need to pick up some lard (for the piecrust), whipped cream, and mini marshmallows. I'll make it all tomorrow as there's plenty of multitasking time (boiling the sweet potatoes and potatoes) to do so.
  3. Yesterday I made the cranberry sauce, today I made: stuffing, 3 pies, pumpkin roll and I cooked and whipped the yams for the candied yams. Tomorrow I have to finish the candied yams and make the green bean casserole and pineapple stuffing. My mom and sisters are doing everything else...
  4. Wow. I went to my favorite grocery store. It was packed, but everyone was very courteous. They weren't out of stock in anything I needed. I ended up getting crisco - the lard they have there are sold in economy-sized tubs :roflmfao:
  5. Well, I am I made the string bean casserole, brocolli casserole, three pork tenderloins with guava, dill, sage, cilantro, onions, garlic, and wine- corn bread, corn stuffing and herb/walnut/cranberry stuffing....tomorrow I am making two turkey breasts with rosemary butter, bitter orange, shallots and wine, and of course, sweet potato souffle....i will eat like a horse.....:heart:H
  6. Can we come to your house? Everything sounds wonderful. :drool:

    I've got two pumpkin pies in the oven. Otherwise I've done nothing else. It's just my DH, myself, and two kids so we are just having turkey, stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes (I've never cooked them before), mashed potatoes, rolls, and pie. I really miss the big family dinners with all the different foods.
  7. Ok, a successful day! I also got the pumpkin seeds roasted, got the chrysanthemum onions cut, made all the pies and trifle and tart, cranberry sauce (not sure if I like this recipe much - it's a bit SPICY!) and got the brussel sprouts trimmed, that leaves just the scalloped corn, rolls and turkey to deal with tomorrow - and the ice cream. I didn't get to it! LOL
  8. The smell of the turkey is killing me! i did fresh herbs and butter this year-oh yum, yum, yum!!!
  9. OMG, me too! I did a pancetta (ham/bacon), rosemary, sage, garlic, shallots and olive oil rub this year and it smells DIVINE!.

    Almost got it together now - Cider is mulling, ice cream is hardening, made some more cranberries sieved to rid them of seeds for my MIL who has diverticulitis (Sp), turkey broth is going for the gravy, squash biscuits are done, the winter rolls are rising, and I just need to get the china out and the silverware and then make the scalloped corn...

    Of course then it's the reheat mad rush of everything and actually making the green beans and brussell sprouts... Phew... a big one this year, but so far so good - like clockwork!
  10. OH NO!!! Three of my guests aren't coming! One of them had a car accident - her car was totaled and she's in the hospital (about to be released), but it's almost certain she won't come. Her son was to come with her (not now, obviously) and it was her best friend who is picking her up from the hospital and staying with her... which is the third guest! I'm glad she is OK, but OH NO!!!! We will make up a big plate (platter) of food for them, but still!

    Then, just after I got off the phone, I go to check on the turkey and it's DONE!!! ONE AND A HALF HOUR EARLY!!! OH NO!!!! I have it tented in foil over the warmer on my oven, but YIKES!!!!!

    I guess I deserved it for saying everything was going like clockwork. that now leaves the weirdo coming (we did an open invite to a group we belong too - at least he won't be alone, but still _WEIRDO!!!) and a lady and her two kids plus MIL. I have enough food to feed at least 20 and now I have NINE!!! WAH!!!