So how would you pronounce this!


How to pronounce Aeropostale? (accent over the first e)

  1. Air Oh Pos Tall

  2. Air Oh Pos Tell

  3. Air Oh Possal

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  1. This has been bugging me for the last couple of days.. >.>

    and I'm just wondering what you guys thought on how you would pronounce this.

    It's for the clothing store... Aeropostale (with an accent over the first e.) Website just inside you want to see what kind of store it is.

    Please pick a poll option.. I just want to see how you guys would pronounce this. ^^;

    Thank you! :wlae:
  2. i dont see a poll option

    now it's up ok
  3. I see 3 up there. O_O
  4. In french (if there is an accent, it's in french) you would prounounce it :
    Ah ey ro pos tal
  5. I hate this store.


    I say it's the first one!
  6. air-oh-pos-tale
  7. I think the truly correct way would be more like the first one, but I say it more like the second way.

    My cousin always calls is "Aristotle's" and it makes me want to punch her in the face :push:
  8. ^:lol: I always call it the first one but Im guilty of calling it the third one too sometimes.

  9. :yes: that's the way i've always pronounced it.
  10. I pronounce it the first way, although I would trust kittynui more since she's actually from France lol.
  11. That is how I pronounce it.
  12. My friend used to work there. Its the first one.
  13. First one. At least that's how I say it LOL. BTW, monokuro, love the piglets on your avatar, so cute!
  14. ya me too. i disagree with all the options, I say:

    air-oh-pos-tal (the end pronounced like the name "Al")