So ! How was Your Summer ?

  1. Its hard to believe that Summer is over, we are entering one of my favourite seasons, The Fall.
    I had a great Summer, i worked alot, worked out alot and bought a lot of * off season clothes and boots for Winter 2007* from varies designer trunk shows, which is one of my favourite things to do.

    How was your Summer ?

  2. I was anxious all summer, anxious to see all the people who left for the summer, anxious for fall fashions to arrive, anxious that certain people were leaving. Fall is always a much better time for me: Fashion Week, parties and new beginnings.
  3. The first half was great. The second half made me wish it was over already. I did score several new bags, though, and the fall shows are starting soon, so no more boring t.v. I have to do an inventory of my wardrobe soon and figure out what I need for work!
  4. Lots of days that are off. Went on two vacations that I could not afford (BF paid for one and I am going to pay his father back for the other...I didn't really want to go but they weren't going to take no for an answer so I'm just gonna pay), shopped at outlets a lot and my bag collection exploded.
  5. My summer was GREAT! I worked; traveled to Japan, Philippines, and Hong Kong; had a mini trip to Vegas; quit my job to move back to LA; met new people; drank a lot; and spent time with the people close to me. I also finally cleaned up my room at my mom's and I am loving it since it feels so much more COZY and PERSONAL.
  6. Good, but could have been better. My dad's restaurant opened and I worked there full time for awhile then my hours were cut. I had to do summer homework too. But, I also got to hang out with my friends a lot and we went up to Tahoe to celebrate everyone's birthdays (of which there were a lot!). Overall, I liked it.
  7. The highlight of it was definitely Europe. I feel like that there were a lot of self struggles, and relationship things that weren't fully resolved though, it could have been better but not a bad summer. :smile:
  8. horrible! I took 2 classes. Math & Hist. Basically, it took most of my time all summer! Highlight of the summer for me? My sister finally got me the LV Marais for my birthday! Woo! Next summer = cabo cabo cabo with my 3 wonderful bffs. College is back in session. 7 classes = overload for me. WISH ME LUCKKK!
  9. What's not to love? I ripped out and rebuilt my back deck (adding another 500 sq ft to my home), got a new microwave and convection oven, spent a ton on new bags...oh, and joined tPF!

    Joining tPF meant surrendering to my LV and Chloe cravings...that's a separate thread...

    Had TWO separate family reuinions...both in which the BF thrived! We had an amazing time. Family reunions are like supernovas around here...once in a lifetime...

    Lots of working out...gym, walking,'s all good!

    summer was amazing and I'm looking forward to an amazing fall too! :yes: :yahoo:
  10. ahhhhh, for me Summer is officially over today :sad: .

    My youngest started back as a Junior this morning (she is seven), and my eleven year old is off this afternoon to "big" school. So you have one very nervous member on your hands here :crybaby:

    But even though summer has been fabulous I am sooooo looking forward to wearing boots and lovely autumn wear now. :graucho:
  11. It went WAY TOO FAST!!!!!!! I swear it was just June yesterday..LOL..My little one starts middle school (5th grade!)tomorrow and is Im not happy summer is officially over here!!
    Back to school is so to buy..eek....and the kids all nervous...
    and HONESTLY..I HATE cold weather!!!!so I dont look forward to winter at all!!!!!
  12. Finally! Someone who hates the cold weather like I do! LOL!
  13. The summer in Finland this year was unusually hot. I liked the hot weather at first, but it got boring soon :sad:. My summer was very lazy and calm, nothing exiting happened. I got some serious thinking done, so it was great for that, but Im an action loving and a spontaneous girl so it felt odd to be so settled down (but it was also rather scary. I learned way too much about myself). I don't even like summer that much, so it was quite boring and I felt trapped and anxious. The weather is still actually quite warm! SOB :sad: I hate summer. I feel like summer is such a shallow/superficial season, you like it for a while then it becomes disturbing (atleast for me, it does)

    My favorite season is absolutely fall and winter is second (then summer and then spring) so im EAGERLY waiting for LOVELY fall :heart:.. Ahh the lovely fall clothes and jackets and hot tea and all the nice Tv shows start again and the lovely darkness and pretty colourful leaves and long evenings spend drinking coffee and shopping new bags :smile: I love fall :biggrin:
  14. ahh Ruusa, you are so painting the perfect picture of Autumn :smile:
  15. not a fan of summer in general and this one was no exception. my town is so crowded it's uncomfortrable, i'm so busy i can't get to the city as often as i like, and this summer my husband was gone lot. i'm really glad it's over but i'm not looking forward to 9 months of rain and cold. *sigh* but i get to go visit my sister in october...yay for vacations!