So how was the Martha's Show?

  1. The previous thread was closed...And I missed it today on TV...You, dear tPF ladies in NY were going to attend it...So HOW WAS IT?:confused1: I'm dying here to know :sos:
  2. I didn't get to see it either - I would love to know how it was was well.
    Guess I will try to check her website tonight.
  3. it is airing on what, the 14th?
  4. OMG it is airing TODAY at 1pm. NBC
  5. I just finished watching it. For the ladies on the west coast they have not watched it yet so I will chime in later when both viewing time zones have been met. Interesting to say the least.
  6. was it on at 11? i wonder what happened to Days of Our lives, it used to be at 1, now it says martha stewart at 1...are they on vac?
  7. I am watching it right now.
  8. oops, sorry. I didn't think about the time diff, wrote a synopsis, you ladies can tell me if you want it now or to repost later.
  9. Just wanted to say - Alexis is so pretty.

    I am DYING to hear everyone's opinions!!!!!!:nuts:
  10. I'll take the synopsis since I forgot to TiVo it...PM me if no one else wants to ruin the surprise
  11. HC,
    The Today Show is now 4 hours long.
  12. I wonder if Martha picked up the baby wipe tip on tPF?!:sneaky:
  13. Olive, I just pmed you:yes:
  14. Why is it always a teasing and waiting game? :lol: C'mon spill the beans :whistle: Was there a :bagslap:?
  15. West coast/pst air time is 11 am, CBUT (channel 99 for me). I'll be watching...