So, how much is in your purse fund right now?

  1. After reading the purse fund thread, I thought it would be fun to see who is saving, how much they have saved and what are they saving for. Since lots of us don't have the luxury to just go out and buy whatever we want, when we want, let's cheer each other on!

    Right now, I have $175 in my purse fund. I would love something from the MC line, but not sure I have the patience to save for it, lol.
  2. Well, I jus tput 10 dollars in an envelope BUT I still need to pay off my Neo Speedy and I guess my Baggy PM for that matter, oh and lunch for today too. LOL I am not much of a saver, but thankfully since TPF I rarely spend money on clothes or shoes, just LV and things for the kids.

    I am also wanting something in Black MC (Darn you Ichelle!) so that's a chunk of change that needs to be saved.

    I did, however, win a bet with my hubby so he owes me an LV bag, plus mother's day and my bday are coming up in May so maybe I'll get lucky. Keep your fingers crossed for me! LOL
  3. crossing my fingers for you!

    I, too, am wanting something black MC. I just love it! Why do they have to be so pricey?????
  4. Right now I have ZERO! We are in the process of buying our dream house and we stumbled upon it today so my dreams of more LV's may be put on hold. Waaaa waaaaa :crybaby:
  5. I've got nothing in my purse fund right now, it's very sad. I just bought a house so I am temporarily poor!!

  6. Me too:crybaby:
  7. I have $600 in my purse fund and I want a white mc trouville for the summer!:yahoo:
  8. way to go! $600 is quite a bit!
  9. ME TOO! :sad: DH says if I want a pool I can't buy every LV bag ever made! Silly man! :roflmfao:
  10. Which ones are you looking at? I am thinking of Speedy, Noe, Prisiclla, or Audra. Going to LV this weekend to stalk the bags.

  11. Not enough:hysteric:
  12. only £140. but that will go up by about £100 next friday when i get paid and then its my birthday the first saturday in may so ill hopefully get some cash to add to it.
    and i get £840 of my student loan begining of may to but thats going towards my need money when i graduate fund but will probably get sidetracked to my holiday fund.
    im bad with money.
  13. $0. Though I will get some for my copenhagen trip next month.
  14. With my recent LV spree this month I'm in the red as far as hubby is concerned. :banned:
  15. As of now, I have about $2000 (my "saving up" for my trip was mainly for LV bags in HK! :nuts:) and hopefully when I come back and start working again I'll have another $2000 or so after working for a month.