So how much damage have you done this year?

  1. Since we'll be officially finished the first 2 months of 2007 tommorrow, what have u bought so far and is it more or less than what you planned for the year of 2007? I know some of you wanted to limit the number of bags you bought in a year. Hows that going? :graucho:

    I bought:
    Pomme D'Amour Roxbury Drive
    Azur Speedy 25

    The Roxbury was an unplanned purchase of 2007.
  2. I bought three items off eBay... Croissant MM (--> returned, wasn't as described), Damier Navona and Lilac Epi wallet... Everything was unplanned, lol. :shame:
  3. Not much..just the Passport holder for my dad's birthday, my 2 Bubbles rings and the Pomme and Perle Coeurs.
    I did get a Chanel Grand Shopper tote in white though.
    I want my Pomme Inclusions, then I'll be happy.
  4. I bought a black epi speedy 30 and an azur speedy 30. They were my first purchases and both were impulse purchases. I gotta stop but everytime I come on here, I want something new!
  5. so far:
    Pomme D'Amour Flat Pouch
    Pomme D' Amour Pochette Wallet

    Saving up for a Gucci Pelham.. and possibly the Dentelle Pochette Wallet or maybe the Speedy.. but I'm really not sure.. I love it, but it's so much for a Speedy! KWIM? Considering the Speedy Azur 25 and maybe something from Epi...
  6. I've done enough damage for this year, I bought 5 just in Feb..:shame:
    4 off eBay.....glace fonzie, glace bobby, pochette twin gm, damier olav MM
    1 at the store....damier speedy 30
    I don't think I can affor to buy anymore this year...but I still want to....
  7. Pomme cles from boyfriend (yeah I guess it really doesn't count), Azur pochette, Segur PM and Lilac Pochette...

    Definitely more than I had planned, the Segur was supposed to be purchased in June and the Lilac pochette I didn't even plan on buying. It was supposed to be the Azur, and then that's it :lol:
  8. I'm still waiting to be called for certain items. :sad:
  9. err ... :shame:

    Indigo Reade PM
    Pomme Coeur
    Perle Cles
    Framboise Cles
    Toledo Blue Epi Noe
    Baby Blue Houston
    Lavender Ludlow

    all bags & ludlow were used, but still!! I need to be stopped! :roflmfao:
  10. This year I've bought all used from let-trade or eBay:

    Cabas Piano
    Cabas Mezzo
    Epi Yellow Petit Noe
    Baggy GM in lichen

    And now no more LV for the rest of the year, my life, who knows....maybe just a BH.
  11. I bought:

    1. Pomme Cles
    2. Mono CC Holder
    3. Azur Mini Pochette
    4. MC Heart
    5. Denim Baggy PM
    6. Bronze Reade (Ebay)
    7. Framboise Inclusion Speedy

    My Huby Bought:
    1. Framboise Small Agenda
    2. Ipod Video Case

    That is roughly 3000 to LV in two months. I am so on a BAN!
  12. I like your avatar!
  13. Thanks! I'm also obsessed with turtles. :yes:
  14. Your avatar actually looks like one of those giant tortoises from the Galapagous Islands with that long neck! :nuts:
  15. I bought 2 azur 25's and 1 30, mc coeur, and mono bh. Roughly 10 more hours till I pick up my ivory speedy and dune speedy. =)