So How Much Can I REALLY Expect to Get ....

  1. for a Never Used F/W 06 White City ??

    I KNEW I should have returned to Bal NY for credit but too late now ... I know I am never going to use this bag as much as I hated to admit it ...

    I know White doesn't sell for as much as colors on eBay, but what do you think I could reasonably expect to get for it?
  2. I think you never know..I would price it for what you paid and see what happens..there might be someone out there that only has access to eBay for bbags!! And that someone just might want a white one, especially since summer is almost here..good luck chickie:yes: :yes:
  3. Thanks sagranch!

    So should I do 1195 with a Best Offer option do you think?

    of course I just missed the 20cent listing fee - darn it!
  4. That's a good start and if you REALLY want to sell it offer free shipping w/ BIN!! I did that and my day (cafe which is still being sold in stores) sold in like an hour..point being is someone will get a good deal and you will get your money recovered..
  5. IMO I would do the $1195.00 (or a little lower) plus free shipping like sagranch said, because the white city is pretty much available. But, of course I don't know how the 06 compares to the 07 leather.
  6. i think you should be able to get what you paid... even though I live in Toronto, the selection at Holts isn
    t great, so eBay was my way of expanding my selection. I bought an 06 Ink that was still available in stores for slightly more than US retail (slightly less than Canadian retail... we get ripped off!) So you definitely have a market out there who are happy to buy even a current bbag for retail value. Also, since you've had it this long, I recommend waiting for another cheap listing day, it's worth it, you will save some money. GOOD LUCK!
  7. Also, free shipping is very generous, but you could also offer 50% off shipping, you cover half and they cover half! That would have made me VERY happy when I bought my bbag!
  8. Thanks you guys!

    I learned the hard way that I need to stick with dark/neutral colors! :p
  9. Wow, I never thought about the Canadian market when it comes to selling bbags on ebay. This is very useful stuff! Thanks for sharing!!!