So how much are they ?

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  1. I have searched the forum on this and if anyone can reffer me I will be very thankful but here's the question , how much was a Kelly bag or say scarf or a saddle in the 1950s in today's money how much would that be , I have a vintage Kelly 1960 box leather given to me by my grandmother Naturally my divine 78 year old grandmother can't remember ,mostly because back then she just pointed at something and my garndpapa payed for it, but I would love to know if anyone does I will be very thankful . Oooooo and maybe how much was the birkin back in the day when it all began .
  2. This would be very interesting to know but I think it will also be a bit upsetting to see just how much they have increased in price since then!! LOL
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  4. Wow thank you iffha ,I hope some of you can go further back but my how many kellys I could have gotten back in the 80s!!!!!!!!
  5. There is a index (I think it is Forbes) that uses a Kelly bag as one reference to the changing prices. I will try to find it but I have to remember how I found it in the first place LOL. One day I looked at a few of the indexes for fun (or depression).
  6. I looked at one of these last night and felt that it was way off re the pricing of Hermes. Prices have gone up for this product not just because of inflation. There are many other market forces at work. Personally, my guesstimation of a Kelly circa 1955 is about 300-400. Going forward a bit 1o 1965, an expensive handbag in the Dept Store was about 75. So where would that put a Kelly? Even 500 would be astronomical for that time.
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    Prices have gone crazy in the last decade.
    I paid $11,500 for a matte croc 30 cm Birkin in late 2002.

    paid $23,900 for same different color in July 2007

    ridiculous in my opinion....: )
  8. So looks like the index is unreliable and not worth looking up.

    I can't even guess what a bag cost or the difference in price between the US and France at that time. But I know it is difficult to judge exact date from a letter stamp on a really old bag unless you take the bag in and have them research that particular bag. I had 2 1950s bags dated, and turned out the manufacture date was very different from the letter which I thought was the date but was actually the mark of a craftsperson or antlier.

    Maybe if you take it in (with a box of chocolates and big smile LOL) and have Hermes 'date' your bag, they will look up the price for that bag, that year.

    It is depressing that H Bag prices have jumped so much in the US the last few years.
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    the reason for this question goes deeper than mere couriousity ,you see I was watching I love Lucy and she was arguing with Ricky that she wanted a dress 500 was the price naturally .I know that couture was bigger then bags back then, but i just cant belive that it would be arround 400 to 500 .and you know I feel that Hermes exclusive and wonderful as it is and taking into acount that it may be the only one that has shall we say a valid point ,price wise because of how and where the product is made, I still think it is getting to be a little too much , 400 to 500 in the 50s to 11'120 is a big leap when people who got them back then are still around today . Thankyou for all the help and any more imput will be very well received tahnkyou!!!!!!

  10. More interesting is that when you see the really old bags from the 60's or 70's come on the market at really elevated prices. You do the math and realize that the reseller has marked them up a gazillion percent from what they originally cost and sometime the condition is pretty poor to boot!
  11. i know in many old editions of le monde hermes the prices are at the back pages-mine are elsewhere but i can check in a day or two. i have editions going back to the mid 1970's
  12. Thankyou tesi that would be wonderful !!!!!!!!!
  13. the earliest of my lemonde's that have prices are the following;

    1986-87 (they were not seasonally published back then)
    silk twill scarf 130
    large silver cdc 475
    thin enamel bracelet 175
    wide enamel bracelet 265
    birkin in fjord 2675
    bearn wallet 685
    kelly sport (box) 1675
    kelly sport (croc) 5250

    retourne 32cm box kelly 2150
    mini 20cm box kelly 1650
    mini 20cm croc kelly 4995
    jige clutch 675
    bugatti (bolide) large size fjord 1775
  14. Humph. The birkin in fjord's price in today's dollars would only be $5164.82. The acutal current price is double that!
  15. To put things in perspective,

    A Kelly 32 Ardennes bag in 1990 was 14000 french francs. The same year, the SMIC (Minimum Legal Monthly Salary) was 5200 ff

    Today, the same bag (in Togo, though) is 4850 Euros. The Minium Legal Monthly Salary in France is currently 1377 euros.

    Today a basic Kelly 32 is 3.5 times the Minimum Monthly salary
    20 years ago, it was 2.6 times the Minimum Monthly salary