So how many times a day do YOU visit this forum?

  1. I am trying to cut down to like 100? I am so obsessed and the funny thing is that I barely leave the house, so why do I need all these bags? And I keep swearing that I am going to try and make a little extra cash on eBay, but I don't list them....

    Can you say OCD?
  2. Every chance I get. It's too much, really.
    I go back and forth all day, eBay....
    It's silly.
    I really must do other things. I'm looking forward to the start of school - get back into a routine....during this summer, I've been on the computer fffaarrr too much - and my bank account has suffered....
  3. i know what you mean...i'm a teacher and during the summer although i work doing curriculum development and field trip programming, i have FAR too much time on my hands...ever since i inadvertently fell into this forum i'm here all the time!!! and then i've learned so much about new designers that i've been buying bags WAY too frequently...i need to get back into the classroom so i stop spending!!!
  4. In and out for a few hours in the morning, a few hours in the evening, and whenever I can pop in during the work day! Too much really, but as everyone else has said, it should slow down in the fall, too many projects to do around the house. Or will it get worse...........Oh no, I would be in serious trouble, like divorce court!
  5. Me too. A few times during the day at work and again at night when I get home.
  6. Dare I say I'm browsing tPF and eBay, on and off, all day long at work. I know, I'm a sad case.
  7. LOL I don't have to post an answer because you explained my day EXACTLY.....only difference is half of the time I'm surfing...I'm at work:graucho:
  8. Went back to work Monday, but still in the morning for a few minutes before work, after work about 1 hour, and off and on till about midnite. And on the weekends most of the day and nite till about 2 A.M. Like most since I found the forum I have bought way to many bags, but I am lovin it!
  9. My computer is on all day long so I pop in and out whenever. I'm a Nite owl so My prime hours in the Forum are 12-3am. Those are my prime shopping hours too. When I'm working nights I usually am only on from 8am till 10am.
  10. Oh good grief I'm on here probably 16 hours a day, especially in this last month (August). I lost my job in late June and (finally) found a new job which will start in early September. Once that starts, no more weekday posting or lurking for me, LOL!!
  11. I almost never come here.