So, how many sizes are there of the Muse bag?

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  1. I'm confused (yet again)! ;) I really like this bag, but what is the most "common" size? Is there a medium and an oversize? I've seen people talk about the XL? I've never seen this one, or is it the same as the oversize?

    I do like bigger bags, but don't want it to be TOO big!:shame:

    Thanks for your help!
  2. hi well as far as i know, there are 3 sizes, the medium, the large and the oversize one. i believe the XL would be the oversize one:P
  3. I think there is a small one which is strictly hand-held. It's really small though.
  4. The large is the most common size.
  5. Yup there's a small. :yes: It's very cute for evenings.
  6. I think people say XL for the Oversize. The mini one is really cute, but it's really not useful outside of using it as an evening bag
  7. How much can the large fit in it?
  8. The large's the best size, I feel...I usually just have a long wallet and cosmetics bag...when i travel, the muse fits in loads
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