So how many of us hide our bags from our significant others??

  1. And how many of your significant others would never notice all these different bags anyhow???

    My hubby doesn't miss a thing and I am starting to wonder how I am going to ever wear all these new bags without him catching on?

    Anyone else have these problems?
  2. i used to do all sorts of financial finagling, but, it got exhausting...we had to go on a financial diet as of sept 1st (in an effort to step up college savings) so, dh said, find and buy a couple of bags because this has to be it for a he was patient with my buying and returning (i think i was having panic attacks thinking this was the last bag(s) for a while) and got a hh salina (on sale) a miu miu (that i love) and 2 koobas....NOW i'm on the financial diet and i'm going to stick with it because he was SO patient with me!!!!
  3. It's too hard to hide them. He notices every new bag I wear, comments on it, and then asks me if I will ever sell it...LOL Plus he can open up my closet and see them all hanging there. My guest bedroom reeks of leather.
    Since I have a Credit card that I use only for purses and am responsible for (gulp) he's been better and I don't feel i have to hide anything else.
  4. Well let's just say he knows about the Kooba craze I am on since my birthday since he started it with a Bourban Jillian. (it was Aug15, geez 5 Koobas since then. Thankfully they were all great deals!) This board is so addicting. I tuned in when someone was talking about the Balenciaga whistle bags at the deals and steals forum, and next thing I knew I was one the phone ordering one from Sacramento, Ca. I couldn't help it $599 for a black limited edition whistle bag with the rose gold hardware (retail $2055)
    Soooooo...low and behold who is home when it was delivered by the nice man in the brown truck? You guessed it, I scarfed it up in my hot little hands darting upstairs in a marathon sprint while he asks "Is that the Kooba you've been waiting for" "Nah" I reply "Just some bag I got off eBay" Am I bad or what???? :whistle:

    p.s. Just for the record he is my boyfriend and "technically" I am spending my own money.
  5. You sound like me! I got my first one like 2-3 weeks ago and by the end of the week I will have 8!!!!! I spend like half of my day here at tpf or eBay! The madness has to stop! The hubby notices everything so I need to just stop for a while.... :sad:
  6. I spend my own money so mine doesn't really care...doesn't understand the value but doesn't mind. He definitely would notice but I actually show him and ask his opinion...indecisiveness is my big problem so there's quite a bit of buying and returning that goes on.
  7. DH notices every bag and jewel that I purchase. I often joke that he must secretly be a woman. He's always asking if I really need more stuff. Yesterday he talked me out of a Coach when we were at the Coach store at Baltimore Harbor. As long as my responsibilities are taken care of (bills, savings) he doesn't have too much to say since it's my money.
  8. Hmmm, do I hide my bag purchases from the dh? Going to have to take the 5th on that one. :whistle: Seriously, I just sort of slide them on to the credit card and make sure everything gets paid off at the end of the month. But, I've been good lately, haven't bought anything for a while since we have tuition bills coming up.
  9. My poor DH's head spins when it comes to my bags! I don't really 'hide' them. I'll get on a buying spree, and then end up selling many of them because I'm just not happy with them for some reason or another. So at any given point, he really has no idea what's what. He doesn't give me a hard time about bags though, as said above, as long as the bills are paid!
  10. Nope never hide my bags. But I spend my own money so there's nothing to grumble about. Maybe it will be different when I'm married with mouths to feed. My boyfriend is cool with me spending whatever I like - and vice versa. He just bought a new car on Friday and casually informed me about it after the fact! :lol:
  11. Mmm...depends. I usually sell and buy without much notice from him. He's at work during the day so I'm going back and forth to the post office, etc., and he doesn't really notice.
    He notices some bags when they're sitting in the foyer - but he usually doesn't make too big of a deal of it. He knows the purse bins can be endless and he just can't keep up.
    I've recently stepped up the spending a little bit too much though and I need to stop for awhile. I have to sell some stuff just to catch up with myself. Kinda upsetting, but I only have myself to blame....:crybaby:
  12. No, I never felt the need to when BF and I were together. I buy my own bags so if he had a problem with it he wouldn't have had a leg to stand on. Anyway, he actually had a lot of good style and flair and started learning names of some of them...bless his heart when he first thought my (LV) Saleya was a "Fendi" I knew there was hope.

    His Mom actually used to work at a large dept store in...handbags! So she and I had a lot to chat about.

    Our relationship didn't survive but I'm glad at least there was no problem in the bag dept, LOL.
  13. Because I am a rep the UPS man is here several times a week anyway, dropping off samples from vendors. DH just thinks the box holds more samples.

    And frankly, he doesn't care if I buy bags, the money comes from my own account. He likes his electronic gizmos, I like leather. It evens out.
  14. Ladysalesrep, love your avatar. Just love that B-bag. (Sorry, totally off-topic drooling.)
  15. Same goes for me. Mine actually points bags out to me in magazines now. A box will come in and he says ... "you got in another bag today". He knows without me opening up the package. He'll say ... "is that a keeper or one you're going to sell?" If it's a keeper, then I get "don't you have enough already?" to which I reply, "it's never enough", but fickle purse slut that I am, there are very few bags that find a permanent home in my closet and he's lived with me long enough to know I'm going to end up pulling one from the closet to sell to not only finance the new bag, but to clear a space for it.