So, how many LV wallets do you all have??

  1. I currently have one, Mono Porte Monnaie (long wallet) right now but I want a matching Damier Koala to go w/ my speedy. I love the red leather lining, it will match so good w/speedy!! I'm planning on giving my mother my current wallet once I get my Koala. Eventually I want to get a white multi color and an red or black epi zippy wallet. I hate that the wallets cost as much as some bags but I like to match!! :yes: :rolleyes:
  2. I have 3.
  3. Just one- a Damier Porte-Tresor International. BUT it's my third LV wallet. The first was a Mono Koala that started peeling at the edges after a few months- exchanged it for a Damier Koala that ALSO started peeling within a few months at the edges. Exchanged that for the Damier Porte-Tresor, and love it. No problems since.

  4. Oh no!! The Koala started peeling?? I wonder if LV fixed whatever problem that was....darn. I've had mine for a year now, no problems at all.
  5. I also have the long mono wallet... pochette wallet?
    I'm not a wallet changer so I just throw it into whatever bag. I can even cram it into my pochette accessoires but I try not to do that too often so I don't wreck it on the zipper.
  6. I have one... Monogram Wallet with Zip Pocket and I l:heart:ve it!


  7. 1... that's enough for the moment.
  8. Two: White MC PMP and Framboise Ludlow

    I have eight cles that I usually use as wallets though :nuts:
  9. The ladies at Saks did not feel that it was an on-going problem (the peeling) but 2 wallets of the same style? And I'm looooving on my wallets. They were in PERFECT condition otherwise. Looooved the style, but just couldn't justify another Koala. Luuurve the Porte Monnaie. Love the size and yet slimness of it.
  10. I have no wallets.
  11. I used to have two: epi French Purse and mono pochette wallet. I've since sold the French Purse as I find it a PITA to switch all the things from one wallet to the other. Plus, epi wallet was mandarin and showed EVERY scratch, etc. I HATE being careful with things like wallets. I do agree with you that it's CRAZY that wallets cost as much as bags.:nuts: Epi FP cost MORE than my damier speedy 30!!!
  12. This is the same one I have, I love it-I can even fit my checkbook register and checks (no checkbook cover).
  13. ^^^ That is the one I have also!!!:nuts: LOVE IT!!!:love:
  14. None as of the moment. I have a feeling I'm getting one this Christmas!

  15. i have this one too, the best wallet ever!!!:heart: :love:

    and i've used at least 8 other LV wallets NOT including cles!:P