So, how many cute toki prints are out there?

  1. Just curious....
    These are what I know: pirata, adios, foresta, paradiso, inferno,amore, camo......any more?
  2. there's the original print, and the black with the original-inside.
    the citta, citta rosa,
    the other black and grey ones with the citta inside
    and the bianco

    playground, camo and olive camo

    that's it for now i think
  3. arancia (the orange one w/foresta inside) :p

  4. yes! forgot about that.
    maybe coz i hate it. ;)
  5. :lol:...its too orange for if it was turquoise blue...oh yeah i'd totally want it !
  6. i don't like any of the solid colors, i mean the black and grey are nice, but it's missing the tokidoki spark, i could buy a black bag anywhere, but i can't buy one with little cactus dogs on it. =]

    i do like the inside print though, it's cute, especially the black from the first season with the blue/green hardware- that i'd buy. :heart:
  7. I think the Amore is the cutest though :biggrin: