So how many bags ...

  1. ... did you ladies procure in 2006?

    Just curious ... I wanna live vicariously through you all:shame:
  2. I won't start!
  3. well, i turned down

    32 cm black box kelly with gold hardware (waaaaah, i still sad about it ;) )
    32 cm vert anis box kelly with gold hardware
    25 cm gold togo kelly with gold hardware

    but i finally got my 35 cm black epsom birkin with gold hardware!

    interesting aside, the 32 cm black box kelly was 6100 in march, now is 6850! price increase stinks :sad:
  4. ^^Ack pigleto! I want that 32cm black box Kelly!
  5. charlotte hermes had one 2 weeks ago, don't know if they still have it or if they will ship. as far as i know they are not shipping birkins.
  6. I wish I could have had more!!!!
  7. None for me, hopefully I'll get my Birkin this year!
  8. Kou - The question should be how many accessories/non-bags did you buy at Hermès?
  9. Hey Kou! How much damage did you do at H with accessories? :graucho:
  10. Only one, but it was a biggie!
  11. Let me guess ... lots of goodies with a hint of pink?
  12. i've been good this past year. i only got 2 - vert anis birkin and the chocolate box kelly!

    not counting the countless accessories and small leather goods!
  13. lol,... Patz!!! You call that being good!
  14. Oh TOO much!! I wish I hadn't done that since I didn't want any of the accessories to begin with.:sweatdrop:

    I will ONLY do this until July 2007 ... should my store not be able to confirm a placed order for me (they have to CONFIRM it's accepted, no more I don't know what's going on) after the July 2007 podium, then I'm going to STOP buying from SCP forever:yes:
  15. All I know is I did TOO MUCH of that ... I do need to switch SAs but I highly doubt any other SAs will have me at that store ... I mean, I kind of "belong" to my current SA ...

    Can't do Beverly Hills, I work too far away to pop in often ...