So, how long does it take YOU to pay??

  1. Am I out of the norm here, or do more people pay immediately when they win something on eBay?? I am getting soooo sick of people winning and then just disappearing! I have to rant, because I have just had it!! Seriously, should I be worried when people hit Buy It Now and then you don't hear from them?? Am I an idiot for not making it immediate payment? It's OK, I know it was a stupid thing to do :yes: Someone bought a Balenciaga money wallet from me with BIN and there were 18 people watching! I'm just frustrated because I want the cash now because there's a purse I want and now I'm afraid I'm going to have to relist it. AGAIN! Plus, I had a lot of baby clothes that are still being unpaid, and last week I had to report another Unpaid. I don't sell very much, that's what makes it worse.
    So, who usually pays immediately? Does anyone wait for a few days??
  2. I pay immedately. I don't see the poing of waiting since I don't bid unless I can afford it.

    Was the buyer a newbie??
  3. ^Same here (assuming the sellers all take paypal, sending the payments through mail takes a bit longer). Or if it ends at a time when I'm not home, I pay when I get home.
  4. The buyer only had 8 feedbacks, all 100%, but dating back to March '03, the last one in Feb. of this year. Definitely makes me nervous. I emailed her and told her I just wanted her to at least contact me, but so far nothing. I may be jumping the gun because it was on Saturday, but it has just happened too much lately. Like I said, especially with BIN, I always pay immediately. With BINs it's not even a bidding "game", she just knocked out everyone that may have been serious watching the auction. Grr...maybe I should just be patient....
  5. If it's since Saturday I'd be leery, too. I usually pay immediately if it's a BIN, only because if I go BIN instead of bidding I really do want the item ASAP. :shrugs:
  6. I pay immediately as well. Most of the time I don't even wait for the invoice. I just pay.
  7. i usually watch and pay immediately too. why wait? and this brings me to sellers who want immediate payment but take forever to ship.. bleh...
  8. I just sold a $600 Chloe bag yesterday, and I'm waiting with bated breath for the winner to pay. I invoiced her shortly after the auction ended but I always get worried when people don't pay right away, especially for an expensive item. I guess it's just a wait and see game!
  9. I ussually pay immediately as well.....especially with a BIN.
  10. I always pay immediately, unless something weird happens like I'm out of the house for whatever reason when the auction ends. And even then, I pay as soon as I possibly can. I think it's especially rude not to pay immediately on a Buy-it-now- I mean, come on, you're obviously there at the keyboard when you hit the button, so just pay! Of course, I've never sold anything on eBay, just bought stuff, but I try to put myself in the seller's shoes.
  11. I pay immediately. All my auctions also require immediate payment.
  12. I usually pay immediately unless over purchases within that week, I'll email seller and kindly ask if she'll be able to give me 24-36 hours :smile:
  13. I always pay immediately. What's the point in waiting.
  14. I for the most part pay immediatly after I take one last look at everything the auction states to make sure I didn't miss anything. I don't see the point of waiting unless you are waiting for an invoice from the seller or maybe if the buyer doesn't have the funds available and are waiting for a paycheck.
  15. Usually I am sat waiting at the end of the auction to see if I was successful, then I am dying to get whatever it is, so I pay immediately! If only some sellers would send out so quickly...