So how LE will the Dentell be compare w/Miroir?

  1. Just wondering how LE will the Dentell line be in comparison w/Miroir line?
  2. I think bar the dentelle show pieces I think it will be like the S/S 06 perfo range ... around for a season???
  3. i like dentelle..
    i have one mirror silver pouchette.. just sold to someone
  4. With the Miroir line, there was a luxe / glam feel to the outlook of the bag in both gold and silver. Just made me go WOW, but with the Dentell, it looks a bit too busy for my liking but I'm going to wait until I have a look at the actual Dentell before making a final conclusion. :p
  5. Only for the season, nothing really special.
  6. My SA told me they had production problems with the miroir line, causing it to be ultra limited. They weren't able to make as many as they thought they would and it ended up costing them a lot more to produce them up to their standards. Hopefully, they won't have that problem with the dentelle.
  7. phew, that's good news, so guess i can wait around abit to catch up CC, i hate to carry balance.
  8. hmmm. the dentelle will definitely not be as limited as miroir...
  9. I was told the same thing! :yes:
  10. That's just what I was thinking.
  11. I think not as limited since there are smaller accessories as, the cles and ludlow can't be THAT limited. The show pieces will probably be pretty limited, but the other ones will be a little bit more available. That's what I think.
  12. I agree :yes:

    And to the OP- like everyone else said, I think the rush right now is just to get on the list..I don't really know if it'll end up being as big of a hit, but they should be around a fair amount of time. As long as you're on the list I'm sure you'll get the piece(s) you want.
  13. My SA said everyone on a list should get the items. So I don't think there will be problems.
  14. Not in my eyes.
  15. that's good to know, i need to slow down my collection since the basics are almost done, guess i will skip the Dentell and go for some white MC, some of them sounds fun!