So How is YOUR Team Doing?

  1. Talking baseball here. My Dodgers (yeah, like I own them!) are in second place behind the Arizona Diamondbacks.
    I can't believe they beat the Braves! Didn't do too well with the Phillies last night though. I turned off the T.V. after the Phils got 3 runs.

    Hows your team doing?
  2. okay so I'm the only baseball nut here.

    what about this angle: how many teams would do better if they used olive oil on their gloves?


    (sorry, couldn't resist)
  3. lol Well I'm not much of a baseball watcher, but I know there are some other girls on the board supporting their boys! Where's Swanky? Didnt she have her team in her signature, or was that a different sport?
  4. I think that was basketball. Lakers and Clippers are out so.... sleepy2.gif
  5. :blink: :blink:

    :lol: sorry but i do not even know the rules nor have i ever watched it i think that is definately a us thing
  6. I am a Marlins fan but since I am in OHio now I don't get to watch many of their games...

    But my basketball team, the Heat, are doing AMAZING!!! First trip ever tot he NBA finals!!!
  7. Cubs suck. :sad: Didn't even wait for the June swoon.
  8. But you still have Dusty!
  9. MARINERS SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have no intention of being a World Series team......Safeco Field is just family entertainment.
  10. GO METS!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it is finally their year!!!
  11. Dodgers/Mets playoffs? Could happen!
  12. with half my team disabled, we still own everyone else in the aleast.

    yankees, baby!

    i'm forced to follow washington as well, but i;d hardly call myself a fan...i'll call myself a fan when the sister's fiance moves up.
  13. it sure helps to have the biggest payroll in baseball!

  14. i think the only people who bother to bring that up are people who wish they had a similar payroll...

    google revenue sharing. what other teams choose to do with their money is not george steinbrenner's business.

    and yes, we're good because we have money, but we have money because we're good. the team's worth just under a billion dollars, and was purchased in the 70's for 10ml. the money was earned.

    the red sox have the second highest payroll...and it's done what? gotten them one ring in a century. similarly, the mets have the highest payroll in the nl, and they haven't won in 20 years...against the sox.

    maybe something also to be said that the dodgers are truly, a new york team.
  15. easy now, not trying to ruffle any feathers here. just some fun chat. but sure, we would love to have your payroll. who wouldn't?