So How Do We Feel About this Bag?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I think it's pretty darn cute!
  3. Hey Caramel, I saw it IRL today.. SO ADORABLE! I ordered it in the White/Khaki though just because I think it will be more versitile with my wardrobe rather than the red... it really is the perfect size... not super big, but not super small... :love:
  4. Oh lucky you!!! It is sooo yummy isn't it?

  5. For some reason I dont like the new spring line. I only like the Madaline and I just got the large hamptons carry all.
  6. Is that the XL satchel? I think it's cute but if it is it was really big!
  7. Normally the heritage satchel would be something that I would like but it is just not doing it for me. Too much going on
  8. Not really my cup of tea...I agree with Mrs. MC...too much going on and doesn't seem very versatile.
  9. Yeah it is the XL satchel... i don't know why they put XL... i haven't seen the actual inside of the bag, but have held the SA's bag with all her stuff in it for an example so I could order my bag... I think the dimensions aren't really that big compared to a lot of bags (example Carly bag is bigger). IRL the bag isn't that big at all, its a nice size satchel, I think the online pics don't do it justice, if you see it IRL you'll probably have a different opinion...:smile:
  10. i don't really like it that much...but it could grow on me
  11. i saw it today and i am going back tomorrow to get it - that is how much i liked it - i usually dont do alot of signature pieces, but this one is just beautiful - the color really pops! now if it was just a pink.... i bet the other colors are great too. i am getting the red one shown.
  12. I havent seen this collection in person yet, but all of the pieces seem too "cutesy" for me. I'm definitely not a cutesy person!
  13. I see :yes: It's funny because when I saw it was XL I was put off because Coach makes such huge bags.. then I read the dimensions and was still interested, and then a couple of girls on here bought them and posted pics and once again I was put off because the size seemed big. I will have to wait and see it irl. Thanks! :tup:
  14. I like the Heritage swingpack in pink but thats about it. Its just not my style. I'm more of a Legacy girl.
  15. I'll :drinkup:to that!