So how do I go about ordering a Birkin?

  1. I thought I'd ask the hermes experts out there. I am finally ready to get one yeeeey!!:yahoo:

    Just need your help! What do I do? Where do I start? what do i say? Who should I talk to? etc, etc, etc

    Merci beaucoup all!
  2. Start by visiting a Hermes Boutique and build a relationship with a Sales Associate. You can also purchase Hermes from a reputable reseller.
  3. ^^^^ There is a list of recommended resellers on the main H forum page.
  4. oh my god.. that's exactly what i wanted to know..

    Do i just go to a Hermes boutique and ask to be put on a waiting list for a birkin?

    I finally ready too...

    sorry to hijack your thread Francis!
  5. do not ever just go in and ask about a birkin. you most likely won´t get past the line "waitlist closed" build up a relationship educate yourself about the leathers colors chat with the sa´s , buy things you love etc. then the whole thing will autimatically shift towards the line "what else can we do for you?"

    if you just want the birkin and do not care about hermès in general go to a reseller

    or go to paris some birkins on the shelf there if you are lucky but you cant be picky about preferences
  6. I disagree, if you go to the Wall Street store when they open and ask for a Birkin you'll get it or probably see it on display and be able to snag it!
  7. ^^^is that true, coldplaylover?
  8. Is that what you did to get your birkin?:nuts:
  9. Yes.
  10. consider yourself lucky your timing was right and it was a new store. but that is unfortunately not the norm. at least in my experience
  11. mine, either. And I like to choose exactly what I want, and they NEVER have that sitting onthe shelf!! LOL!
  12. I've developed a relationship with a SA out of state, as the store nearest me (San Francisco) has been dubbed "the store that has nothing" according to fellow pfers. Would that mean all of my future handbag purchases have to be completed out of state? I don't mind flying out (especially for a Birkin or a Kelly :p), but it is rather inconvenient and I would much rather stay local!
  13. well it is up to you. but why give up a functional relationship with an sa and a boutique that helps you make your drams come true for a store that is local but won´t get you far ? i know it is inconvinient but better safe than sorry.again only my humble opinion
  14. I want to get my birkin from a hermes store.. not a reseller...

    but I dont know any of the SAs.. I guess i'm unlucky then
  15. ^ You are not unlucky mimi
    You have to build a relationship and get to know a SA. It does not happen overnight.
    Sa appreciate when you appreciate the brand and not just THE BIRKIN!
    Let me give you an example. Why would a SA give you a very coveted Birkin bag , if they don't know you, when they can offer it to their loyal and long time customers??
    If you want it now and don't want to establish a relationship which may take some time then go to a reseller. But its really not about being unlucky.