So how did your day end?

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  1. In the last hour of work today I
    • got kicked in the chin by a young gerenuk
    • [​IMG]
    • got peed on the head by a cotton top tamarin (I was looking for a mealworm one of them dropped that I gave them the whole time saying, "don't pee on my head you guys". Well, famous last words.)
    • [​IMG]
    I must have shampood my head 11 times when I got home.
    I'm afraid to leave the house now.

    And how was YOUR day?
  2. LOL!!! Nowhere near yours!!! my pups are reclined next to me but at 9:30 pm I am still interfacing with Taiwan. Ouch. I want to go to sleep but... noooo....
  3. oh I hope I can go to sleep tonight. NO MORE INSOMNIA!
  4. :roflmfao:But Bags, they're sooooo cute! lol!!
  5. Oh bags! Your furry friends really had it out for you today, sheesh! I have nothing but boredom going on in my evenings end. BLAH!
  6. I'm lucky I didn't need stitches or get kicked in the eyeball! helpless little cuties my ass! :lol:
  7. LOL! I really am glad that it wasn't worse. That must've been a mess, though.
  8. LOL ... that's very unique and eventful!!
  9. Oh my! I think I would have poured hand sanitizer all over my body..numerous times! :lol:

    I had a rehearsal in the park tonight for our pops concert tomorrow night. I CANNOT forget to buy earplugs tomorrow! I will become completely deaf from the canons in the 1812 Overture if I don't. Ahhhh, someone remind me! :lol:
  10. Not as bas as yours! But it was a little tough! So much drama, but good thing it was pay day!
  11. i had a wonderful evening - my boss/good buddy threw a keg party at his house and i hung out with some really fun guys and played beer pong. plus i got an invitation (from a boy!) for tomorrow night and i got drunk!

    and if you've never had rose tequila, you should try it, it's amazing.

    and then tomorrow is college football! wooo! i'll be at the game!

    ok, so i might still be a little drunk.
  12. :rant:Thursday's end: Learning instead of an entire office moving date of late September for a first week of October set up in the new office...uh, it's been changed to FRIDAY! Yes, one week. Boxes had yet to be delivered, all items must be packed, labeled inside and out and ready to move by Thursday end of day. Oh, and by the way, you need to do this while simultaneously seeing appointments with students. :wtf:

    Friday: went to target to get bubble wrap, tissue paper, tape, bins, etc. to pack office. Slept in preparation for.....

    Today's start: Up at 7 on my day off, drive to office with DH and DD, pack 2/3 of office in about 5 hours ....leaving the rest until sometime later this week. Loaded truck with "personal items" including bookcases, personal books (teaching resources), mini-fridge and micro ('cause if there isn't food in my office, I don't eat all day!), then came home to load it into my garage for the next 16-20 weeks. I'm betting construction time = 20-26 weeks.:hysteric:

    HEY BOSS MAN: Here's an idea: :idea:CANCEL and RESCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS for a day or two so that we can pack our offices and move! SHEESH!

    (((thanks, I needed that rant)))))

    Ultimately, didn't get kicked or peed on, but sure felt like it!
  13. LOL, even though your day wasn't so pleasant, it still sounds WAY cooler than mine. Being tormented by wild animals is way more interesting than sitting on the couch all night watch the Dr. Who marathon!

    Hope your chin feels better!!
  14. Saturday: My baby cousin's bday party! Family thing with barbecue and cake and all. I gave him a Transformers tshirt which he looooved! Then I came home to finding my pup knocked the bathroom trash bin over and made a mess. Oh well....
  15. My mom told me to watch one scene of this movie with her, then all of a sudden I got sucked in and watched all of Fried Green Tomatoes. Now I am prying my eyes open to stay awake on the computer. I suppose I could just go to bed... NAw!