So... how did you move today?

  1. We have a daily menu thread, why not a daily workout thread? This isn't a challenge or anything - but if you'd like keep track of your workouts, feel free to join in :smile:

    Tuesday, September 19


    bench press
    decline bench press
    shoulder press
    lateral raise
    tricep skullcrushers superset with close-grip chest presses
    tricep rope pushdown

    2-mile run
  2. 35 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes walking the dogs.:wlae:
  3. I walked from the parking garage to my office carrying my laptop bag- which is pretty heavy! ;)
  4. 15 min elliptical
    15 min bike
    15 min treadmill
    15 min ab workout
  5. 6 mile run
  6. bench press
    incline dumbell press
    decline press
    pec dec
    tri skull crushers
    tri extensions
    rope pulldowns

    I am sore, it'll have to be a leg day for me tomorrow
  7. Wednesday, September 20

    legs day :yucky:

    leg extension
    step ups
    hamstring curls
    straight-legged deadlifts

    20 min. walk on treadmill at 4 mph, 12% incline

    My legs are already hurting :P
  8. 12km run
    60 push-ups
  9. 60 pushups! Good on you!
    Today I played tennis for an hour.
  10. Thursday, September 20

    15-minute run on treadmill
    10 minutes abs
    45 minute Spinning class
  11. I had a 14 hour workout on my legs yesterday minus my 2 hour lunch + supper. Today, I'm going to get another 14-16 hr workout on my legs. Oh, joy. This is the life of a surgical intern.
  12. :lol: I bet you're constantly on your feet!

    Friday, September 22


    lat pulldowns
    bent over rows

    regular bicep curls with a barbell
    side-arm bicep curls with dumbbells

    30 minutes elliptical
  13. 20 mins on the tread mill
    12 mins on the ski machine
    6 mins on the step master

  14. Ran about 2 miles this morning.
  15. Sunday, September 24

    Just got back from a 5-mile run.
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