So how comfortable & easy is the Reporter to wear?

  1. I want a Cambon tote, but.....can't find the brown, don't like that it is so highly faked, so I'm thinking about a Reporter. I know they come in small & large. Anyone have any comments about the sizes? I think the large one may be TOO big (based on the measurements), but sometimes it's hard to tell without having the bag in front of you.
    Is it bulky to wear on the shoulder (especially if you are carrying a 2 year old who has recently decided that his legs would rather not walk)?
  2. Friday I had one in my hands, since the reporter is the one bag that started my love for Chanel!! I still love this bag, but it doesn't love me back:sad:.
    I tried on the large's a pretty bag, but for me it wasn't comfortable wearing it. The straps kept sliding en it was kind of bulky under my arm didn't look and feal I had to let her go.:crybaby:
    Not many boutiques have them in stock. Don't wait to long, just go to the Chanel Boutique, and try it will know, if the bag loves you back:tup:
  3. I love mine. Sure, it is not as comfortable as say the large cambon bucket tote...but the edgyness of the bag makes it worth it. I have the large one and find that it is lightweight and easy to carry. It does feel a bit bulky but I tend to kind of push it back behind my arm and not wear it under my arm. hard to explain...
  4. The bag is fine for me. I don't wear it under my arm---its too bulky

    I sling it behind my back and its fine

    Its a great bag:tup:
  5. I don't have it but have tried it on. It's much too bulky for me to wear under my arm
  6. I have the largest reporter, yes it is bulky. so i just wear it if i go somewhere just for 2-3 hours or so. Tried the small one, the straps is too long..
    Go for the tote one, muuuch more comfortable..
  7. I tried on the small one and while it is light, comfortable and really cute, I found it was just too small to carry a bunch of stuff. But I guess it depends what you want to use it for. I think the large is comfortable to wear and it holds a ton of stuff. The bulkiness under the arm doesn't bother me because I carry it behind my arm, I don't sling my arm over the bag. Definitely go and try both sizes on.
  8. Yup, I push mine behind me too; can't even tell it's there really.
  9. I have a Mini Reporter (pics here in ref lib) and I also push it back when I wear it on my shoulder. Its pretty comfy. The downside of the Mini, though, is that it doesn't hold a heck of a lot. The pockets are cute, but two of them are too small to be very functional. I mostly carry it on days when I only need a "medium" amount of stuff with me.
  10. I have the large one black on black now and I used to have the large one in beige with black CC's and I didnt find it too big at all. I mean, it was a big bag compared to my size (I'm 5'0) but I just push it to the back behind my arms too--but if you try to put your arm over the bag like a normal tote, etc--yah your arm feels like its wrapped around a watermelon or something =X

    But its pretty light, I love the look and the practicality of it.
  11. Pushing it behind your arm is the best way to carry this bag. It's a beautiful bag.
  12. i have a large one in pink looks big ...but it so chic and could carry tons of stuff ..i tried the small one its too small ...
  13. The large one is kind of bulky, but the small one is too small. Not the best bag if you are carrying a child on your hip, but it is a gorgeous looking bag!
  14. It is bulky but beautiful. Pushing it behind the arm is a really good way of carrying it.