So how can we train DH to start buying the BIG ones , and we can settle the SMALL on

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  1. Ok... Just tell us what we can do to help... I'm sure we'd be happy to take some of those dumplings off your hands if you need us to... :graucho: (drooling here thinking of those!)

    Too funny how he came home with the test bike... This is sounding all too familiar! LOL :roflmfao:
  2. Today is the day...
    Today i start the program

    Jadeite gave me a simple program to adhere to.... seems simple.....
    do-able? let's see :lolots:

  3. a power strip? Uhhh...wierd thoughts come to mind. ahahah....:graucho:
  4. You can do it!!! :party:
  5. first week menu seems "normal" :roflmfao:

    i think the whole thing is about perserverance.......... :idea:

    I just have to look back at this thread and he support from all TPFers.. cant disappt so many pple :okay:
  6. You go for it robee!!! Just think kelly!!!
  7. Signing up for the official "robee support team" also! :tup:
  8. robee now needs to get a Hermes Ulysses agenda so she can write down her daily eating habits..... :devil::devil:
  9. i can see devils fanning H-fire..... :sos:
  10. LOL!!! Good call!
    Come on Robee you can do this!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

  11. more :devil::devil::devil:

    :sunnies no evil hahahaha
  12. :devil::devil::devil: LOL!!! Wait till you got these little guys on your shoulder next time you are in a H store saying 'buy it,buy it,buy it'!!!!! They are ruthless!!!

  13. will it better if I go to the store, quietly, alone...... dnt likt those little :devil: guys know ;p

    i had early lunch at 11.30am, and since then, only drink water, camomile tea and snack on blueberries:popcorn:

    Dinner dinner, where's my dinner :shrugs:
  14. This thread is so funny. Robee, you and your DH are so adorable together!
  15. robee you can DO IT!