So how can we train DH to start buying the BIG ones , and we can settle the SMALL on

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  1. LVKeepallfan - he is into cycling now. and bikes come in all colours :graucho:
    IFFAH, Lovely64, Chaz - I am glad you enjoy the little happenings in my life. DH and me more like best friends, and we always talk, anything under the sun. :nuts:
  2. ^^^ Awww,that is just so lovely! I bet you have the best fun and laughs together! xxxx
  3. Ahhh since he's into cycling, find out which is his favorite team in Tour De France then, use their colors to get your bag he he he...
  4. Part IV:

    DH - So you are starting your weightloss regimen coming monday?

    Me - yup yup, Jadeite will be my weight loss director

    DH - no wonder you are eating like there's no tomorrow :lolots:

    Me - Last weekend of indulgence, so please don't disturb me (eating rice dumpling, chilli cuttlefish, glico snacks and watching TRUEBLOOD - cute guy!) :couch:

    DH - Great, I am going to LBS (local bike shop, they have their own acronyms too)

    ........................................... 30 mins later

    DS shoulted : Mum, Dad has a new bike!!!!
    My thoughts : So fast??? I though he was going to think about it?

    Continued :

    Me - Hey, there's fast :faint:. Wait, how come the bike looks dirty with mud and dirt?

    DH - Oh, the guy (shop owner) is tuning my bike now. And I told him I am going to Puala Ubin Island for cycling tomorrow. So he asked me to try his bike :greengrin: And this is the model I am looking to buy and he is the only authorised distributor in Sg and import the frames once a year, and around 20 pieces. Now let me see what colour I want to get :jrs:

    Me - Wah!!! How I wish I can go H, pass them my birkin and get a kelly back for trial :P

    DH - seems like for once, I can rave about the service I gt.... hahahahh :whistle:

    morale of the story - Rarity gets my DH attention and helps in his decision making and great service really got him suck in. Does it sound just us when we go into H store :rochard:
  5. Update

    DH came back from his Puala Ubin bicycling and raving about bicycle the shop owner lent him.

    DH - That mountain bike is a lot better than my current one :tup:

    Me - :rolleyes:

    DH - I ordered my new bike already :woot:

    Me - That's fast. So I take over your 3mth old bike? :nuts:

    DH - Yar, if you can lose your weigh fast enough, you can get your reward in Italy :devil:

    Me - Less than 2 months? 3 kg?? :okay:

    Ok.... my dearest TPFers........ give me all the support i need! :dothewave:
  6. Go,GO... Robee...

    You have all my support!!!:hugs:
  7. just stop eating those dumplings!!

  8. finally i conquered all the dumplings! :graucho::graucho::graucho:

    now last round of snacking and harry potter :nuts: robert pattinson as cedric so cute right... u can see those jawline ...... robsessed!:yahoo:
  9. ^I :drool: at Robert Pattinson.

  10. your eyes on channel 5 now?

    if he is right in front of me, i will jst keep on :drool: and wouldn't need to eat.....:graucho:
  11. yes! i have to lose at least something with support from the TPFers :nuts:
  12. how about loosing your mind? We can be pretty good at making people loose their minds at times:biggrin::P
  14. GO GO GO Robee!!! You can do it!