So how can we train DH to start buying the BIG ones , and we can settle the SMALL on

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  1. It does and it goes both ways, because it also helps me canalize my "needs". ;)

    OH: other half, I think.
  2. Yep OH = Other half
  3. Sorry! OH = other half. He'll be my DH once we tie the knot :yahoo:
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. And thinking about it a crossbow too!!
  6. They still have 1 c/w TB on the website. Oh well - I'm sure I'll find a Cashmere shawl like I like.

    Yeah I still want an Evelyne, I just got fed up with the signature really. Still can't decide on the colour so when we go in November I'm just going to see what they have, what I like and what I can afford!!
  7. Do bear in mind the website stock is in Paris not the UK so what's on there may not be in the shops

    That's a good idea. I've seen a few Evelyne's in store recently so hopefully you'll find one you like
  8. Robee :biggrin: Love this! LOL!

    (ps- I understand the cycling... my SO is telling me he "needs" a new roadbike as his "rain-bike", I said he could buy me a Kelly Danse if he's bringing home another bike... He's still thinking, LOL)
  9. lmao!!!
  10. Baileylab – how did you do it? I really love food, chocs and carbs! :whiteflag:

    Hanyeu – I guess if lose 10kg maybe I can be best of both bags? Hahaha…… you idea of having it notarized cool

    Ninalovesherbag – I suspect they are not on any magazines as our DH or OH bribed the editors. 18 years, still got hope :tup:

    Handybags – I wish too! He is going to buy a new bike and pass me his 3mths old bike?

    Skes2002 – I have till Monday to start my weightloss program!

    Chaz – Maybe I can make walking the H Bermuda triange an exercise routine too

    Loves – Jadeite suspect DH don’t think I can do it as I have zero resistance to anything yummy!

    Mooks – if our OH just stick to our request :amuse:

    Hair-mess – sometimes I will just announced to hubby what I want. At least if he wants to buy me anything, he knows what he can’t go wrong with.

    Pug*shoes – as long as they get their “needs” satisfy, we get our “presents” :graucho:
  11. Part III

    Just before we go to work.

    DH - So what is the weight we should start with?

    Me - I thought last night we weighed and agreed with XX.X kg

    DH - Weigh again :thinking:

    Me - Fine ......... *now ZZ.Zkg*

    DH - Hey, you play cheat, how come now you are 900grams lighter :wtf:

    Me - I wee wee twice since last night? those pee weighs 900gram? :roflmfao:

    DH - :faint: Ok, we have to start with your NEW weight

    Me - PROTEST :pout:

    DH - Tell you what, if you can lose 5kg from ZZ.Zkg, I pay for the bag

    Me - You will be surprise how HARD I will try to shed the pounds! brace for a all new sexy ME :wlae:

    DH - We will see, we will see *very doubtful look* :hs:
  12. If DH is heavily into sports, perhaps convince him to get you a two or three toned bag with colors of his favorite team. For example, if he's a huge Los Angeles Lakers Fan, a Birkin 30 or 35 in Jaune w/ Violette flaps and noir handles w/ PHW should do the trick LOL!
  13. ^:lol: Good idea, LVKeepallfan. Lol, robee, you're too cute. Love your conversation with DH.
  14. LOL @ conversation between DH and you robee!! Too cute!
  15. Robee,this thread is so fun,I love catching up with the latest instalment of the conversation between you and your hubby! You never fail to make me laugh!