So how can we train DH to start buying the BIG ones , and we can settle the SMALL on

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  1. Have to say I'm fortunate with my OH on that front too.

    I asked for a Bose iPod docking station for Christmas but as is his way he couldn't just get that, I ended up with the Bose Wave CD player with DAB which I announced "I only wanted it for the kitchen" and he replied "You can't put THAT in the kitchen!!".....LOL!!
  2. ^^^^ LOL!!!!! I love a man who is gadget aware...........and can sooo easily led into upgrading! Now,for my next you think I should take him with me and let him upgrade my order from clemence to croc?!! LOL!!
  3. PMSL!! I told my OH the cost of a croc B and he just shook his head
  4. LOL!!! If I took him with me and let the sa extole the virtues of croc...........who knows!!!?
  5. And drugged him?
  6. I looked at a exotic lindy once with DH was only looking at the shape of lindy bag and had no intention of buying, but the SA left the price tag on the counter and DH saw it and bellowed "how much" scaring everyone in the store...... must admit i couldn't stop laughing and luckily the SA had a sense of humour too!
  7. speaking of croc lindys - careful ladies, you might want to sit down, before you read this. :P

    I once witnessed a (young) woman turning down a croc lindy her OH offered to buy her. :faint: :blink:

    DH and I have made lists on (expensive) gifts like jewelry or h-purses.
    He decides when to get what, so it's still a "little" surprise, but this way there is no embarassement on either side if he chooses "not so well" and no hassle with exchanging things either. :smile: Usually he throws in something personal also.

  8. :roflmfao: I'd have to have enough to take on ox down to get a croc past him!
  9. Hahahaha!!!! Too funny!
  10. We do the list thing too

    My OH always asks for a solid gold rocket car....:rolleyes:
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    Have to add, that DH knows my taste pretty well but at a certain price range, I just want to make sure, he knows what to get :smile:
  12. And point him in just the right direction!!

  13. We do that too! It works so well! Hence I don't have to hint for what I want ;)
  14. :lol:
  15. off-topic but if DH is dear husband, what's OH?:confused1: